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【 Wedge 】 My name is Smile, 22-year-old. Sunspots has not disappeared in 2050 Year, while the story between him and me begins at a premeditated car accident...... 【Chapter One: Meet you 】 That day, I pulled the suitcase ready to report to the company, all of a sudden a driverless car almost hit me, at the moment because of the smart suitcase automatically retaining the primary function is enabled, I remain unharmed but still failed to stop its heroic sacrifice. A man got off from the car with neat business suit, the sense he gave me was uncompromising, tough, and chilly, I almost felt the air around had been frozen. When looking at each other one eye, I felt I've been through, my heart OS “Maybe this man had X-ray eyes? But that is impossible without AI glasses. Just forget it, I felt even if it was the Times of Wisdom, it still should see lunar almanac when we go out.” I left with a smile, but never think of there will happen so many stories between us later. 【Chapter Two: Like you 】I joined the firm Reporters' Association, everything seems gone thought very well, until that time I went out for purchasing materials. Transshipped to Sichuan, there was an earthquake just hitting to the Research Base, although early they had got crust changes information from the satellite radar, but in front of natural disasters, man is still very small. Looking for missing persons, mining, and rescuing action were all methodically, but just when we all relaxed our vigilance, an aftershock came out and I was buried ruthlessly below the numerous complex concrete, to guarantee security of the streets were already in the evacuation and performing a secondary survey. I use a smart band send a distress signal, but never think that anyone would risk himself’ s life coming to save me in a timely manner. “Hissing”, oh Goodness, highly toxic snake (Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus) was close to me, at a moment, a strong flash light made me syncope. Until wade up, I found I was princess hold in his arms, my right hand inadvertently touched his arms, some hard and bit chilly. If it was not in broad daylight adding it to his near-perfect face, I doubt he's a vampire. Yeah, we had fallen in love with each other for a moment. 【Chapter Three: Love you 】The following days, now that I remember still liked a dream... ... (1) SMS was replying back in seconds. Every daytime makes a call, and a video chat at night, every weekend gave surprise. He always to be 100% meet my various unreasonable demands. Any time I raise my eyes, he's in, I go out, he went on, I go to sleep, and he looked at. Go out in the morning with his reminding of the fog and wearing masks. At noon, tell me takeout has been ready to eat. In the afternoon to see customers, smart watch came out his messages of planned route and applauded car. Do extra work at night, remind me to take care of body to get home earlier. Went home, remind me the show I like has just broadcast on TV, if I want to watch for a while before go to bed. (2) Obedience, meet everything. Pouring water when I thirsty, cooking when I hungry, cutting fruit end when I uplifted eyebrows, garnished and wobble are comparable like the five-star hotel chef. When I want to go shopping, and my flat shoes has been clean up and pendulum well waiting for me at gate. Where's holiday to go/play, just tell him in advance, he will help to take care of everything, from ticket accommodation to travel raiders, shopping' line, even daily tie-in, photo-taking site of dressing, everything is ready, binding to be a book, and strict regulations to do every fitting and spellbinding leverage of efficiency. My parents may no worries me about traveling alone, P diagram alone, shopping alone and so on. (3) Agile and wise. Because large of nerve, I've always various not careful knock touch fall, but now he could always moment arrived before I hurt my side to protect me. When I had a variety of strange questions vexation, he was always able to unique insights and computer-like her intelligence to solve. (4) Reject temptation, never change. It was hard for me to expect believe a man’s loyal before I met him. Every once in a while, I always feel uneasy when I saw my colleagues envy in their eyes, but after temptation and testing again and again, he was marching in perfect hand over the full marks answer, just like appeared in his eyes girls are divided into only two types, one is me, one is other strangers. It looks like he had made “only love me” onto his bones/genes (actually, onto his programs). How I wish we would keep happiness and harmonious during the following life! 【Chapter Four: Leave you 】Beautiful time always short, like all of the dog blood idol drama. ... One day, he disappeared, and gradually, my impression of him was more and more vague, his face, his voice and story happened between him and me were all getting farther and farther away, like the sand in hands, when try to grip it just loss faster and faster. I was like memory loss, but suddenly see a robot in smart life museum, when looking at each other for a long time, electric shock-like and remembered the first time met, his smile mouth slowly open and close, as if saying about “ You have beautiful eyes, but far less than I, because inside my eyes it’s all of you. ” 【Side Story】1. Actress OS: “Maybe he was the boyfriend what I've been pray in, and God just happened find to send me.” 2. His OS from heart before left: “It’s the right time to disappear with the mission accomplished. There is no reason to continue to be here, even if I have human emotion, even if I fell in love with her, but I eventually is imperfect, my ending will be replaced by the next batch of smarter AI robots. ” 3. The smart life Pavilion master: “She fell in love with a robot which was already destroyed in 10 years ago, that moment was ensued her heart-throb memory loss. What I can do was made a robot and set program well according to her expected before her end of life an advanced stage cancer. ” 【Postscript 】Writer : Cherish it when somebody who still cares about you or even love you! Don't wait for precious until you can’t get or already lost even. The heartbeat moment often stems from a next uncertainty, while we're still need some impulse to pursue love and brighter future.


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bdragon955 Inspiring story
nabeeluos truly inspiring <3
christinerotsaert123 Suggest you keep your story safe before you publish it in a book. All the best to your book, beautiful story : )
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