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《Super Safe City(SSC) draft plan》

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Σ(っ °Д °;)っSorry !!! This is in English story: (Original address: My imagination connection might be a bit unrealistic, please don't laugh ~ first of all, so far, it should be not less than one percent of the city's crime rate appear, I hope I live in accidental death is extremely low, super safe city of infinite close to zero, just like the "justice" in the movie AI cow force system in the cloud to protect us, and, of course, privacy is not peep drops. So my core link is the use of smart phones and then combined with the next 5G, connected to the Internet, the Internet of things, smart apparel, monitoring, etc. Everything can change with the cloud data terminals can be added to the super safe city (call it super safe city (SSC) plan ~ super with feeling? ! \ \ (/ / ∇ / /)) said that a lot of nonsense, of course to SSC "copy" of the plan to pass (╯ 3 ╰), why said to use mobile phone, hey hey, now who pockets without a smartphone with? Now, the future may appear more cow force smart devices, such as mobile phone into a projection data can be directly in the brain of wearable devices, can be operated directly without hand phone, after brain an idea directly, can capture this "mobile phone", then make corresponding response feedback, for example. In the future, could never get up early in the morning of bed lazy (cancer), want to stay in bed, then the phone to catch, you want to stay in bed, and then put the phone on record you experienced the most terrible thing, to be private copying the scene (#゚Д゚)) in my mind suddenly playback, hey hey, (switch, digression, deviate from the topic, ha ha) back to the topic, what, oh, let's SSC plans! Well, in the future, mobile phones will be the third human right hand (knocking on the blackboard, serious!). More light, longer battery life, with human interaction out of hands and brain! 5G technology is mature, the cloud more human, super smart cloud can from any camera, any data input device to follow you to protect your security, when in danger, you can through the phone to intelligent alarm, the clouds with 5 g technology, to achieve zero delay alarm, the cloud zero delay positioning, through the latest cameras facial recognition to identify the robber identity, assess the level of threat, low degree of confirmation, intelligent mobile phone users near the cloud will search, select equipment verified through supporting intelligent wear athletic adult men to near the victim's help, at the same time, the cloud will also give the nearest police station alarm, high degree of notifies the recent fire, urban management, police station, police, out together! Cloud intelligence control traffic signal, control car connected car, for police car! Save time. On a cloud by intelligent control of the Internet of things in the family, can talk with the cloud private cloud AI butler dialogue, get some information when dealing with household chores is very convenient, if there are criminals on the run from the forced entry, smart cloud open possessions networking put measures immediately, to free shell house to wait for police's uncle. (dream of iron man's boss!) The city's biggest killer is of course traffic accidents! Hey hey, this will be in the future is not a problem, in the Internet era, the car will fully use the advantage of the cloud processing speed, when two cars collided almost two cars will accept the cloud temporary control, powerful operation ability through the clouds, the result of the calculus of the minimum loss, and the two cars into practice! Any vehicle that is connected to the cloud without running a red light, drink-driving, drug driving, and ultimately reducing the incidence of traffic accidents. Through smart wear equipment, 24h monitoring body health, and connecting with the clouds, whether during the day or late at night, your body any discomfort, can immediately perceived intelligent dressing equipment, and judging by the cloud, directly connected to the hospital, when you most need help, the doctor appears! The SSC in the future, you always don't have to worry about telecom fraud, monitoring of the city in the clouds, anyone anything illegal not flee police's uncle hand ~ super safe city in the world the most safe, infinite close to 0 crime in the city! Was born! Hey hey, that's my coarse SSC draft plan, if you are not logical, defects of place please burke is burke ~ ~ (≧ ≦ omega), however, I believe that in the era of huawei power 5G, the dream will no thing it impossible! Machine translation, if there is a mistake, I'm sorry! Thank you for reading!


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