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This is my original idea, it was inspired by my mom who is a registered nurse and is now working as a rescuer. On the first quarter this year I made my first step into achieving this vision of mine by completing my Arterial Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate Measuring Device for Remote Monitoring using Wireless Technology Thesis Project. So let's talk about my flow chart. Using the camera of the phone you'll be able to take photos of the patient, his/her condition, and even the symptoms. You can also take pictures of the eyes to detect diseases such as Sore Eyes, Anemia, and such that can be detected through Eye examination. Fitness band and smartwatch has also been a norm nowadays, using this device you can gather data about the person, exercise regime, heart rate, sleep time, and even location(helpful for blind and people who needs special care). Medical Equipment with the help Internet of Things can turn them into smart devices like my thesis project, some of my ideas are smart blood pressure machine, smart thermometers, etc. All the data gathered by the fitness bands, smart watches, and Smart medical devices are then transfer to phones or computers using bluetooth or wifi connectivity. The data are then uploaded to the database via internet. The data gathered is private, only medical personals of registered hospitals and clinic can have an access to the database, patients could access their own data but is only limited. They can also connect the data to programmable Medicine Dispensers so that patients won't have hard time finding their medicine. That sums up all about my idea. I chose this because it has endless possibility and is very beneficial to mankind.


mugambidanko its great that you have actually made a step to realise your goal.nice
LudmilaMB Voted for you! My story is under number 145. L.
jeremypacillos07 what a great idea.. helpful for our future..
christinerotsaert123 nice
domingoarvil23 Please vote my entry so that I could make it happen. :)
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