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There are many students, like my daughter, or even in the office who are struggling in their academics and works. Struggling to review because of tons of handouts, books, papers they need to review. Or in work, finishing their tasks and paper works in a limited time. There are a lot of performance tasks my daugher needs to do, and she is a multitasker because she is a student council in their school. Thanks to technology, we have PDF files, online courses qnd e-book in our phones, but every year changes and some technology need improvements. I will explain what is my ideal technology that can help her, and other students and communities. First: a gadget that can multi-task without lagging. for example, she needs to research on this article (since she is working on their research paper), while doing their assignments in other subjects, listening to music or making a reviewer. Second: an efficient yet affordable phone that students can afford, and in hard-to-reach areas can access the latest technology. Third: a credible but affordable application/widget who can help the students in their studies or review. Fourth: We also need those small but powerful gadgets who can help finishing their tasks, and to prevent thieves too. Fifth: A smart-sleep sensor and automated schedule of their food to be fit in school and work. Sixth: A camera that can take crystal clear images for their projects in school. (school filming to be exact) and to capture every moments in life, as a social-media lover. Seventh: A large, clear but battery-efficient display to help those people with eye impairment, night mode to those who are suffering from eye strain. Eighth: An anti thief sensor, to monitor your phone and lock it. Plus a "drunk/emergency mode", when you are in alcohol, or in accident, you can call your family/hospital for assistance. Ninth: A translator for those who want to travel and explore the world, and a durable — dustproof/waterproof gadget. Lastly: Super long-lasting battery but with a supercharge factor. Plus wireless charging, so we can use our phone without limits. We can post good deeds to make the people motivated in their studies and works. To be inspired and to share their insights to other people. If we use technology wisely + with courage and compassion, we can build ultimate performance for our bright future.


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bdragon955 its awsome story
bdragon955 very well said
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