Digital E-Book: Future of Book Readers

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Hello everyone, in this era of technology where number of smartphones increasing than human beings books are still supposed to be the key to knowledge as everybody love to read a book instead of reading over smartphones. But books comes with inconsistency due to their various editions e.g. i just bought a book with an old edition a couple of days ago and author published a new edition, and you know what teacher asks me to buy the latest edition and now i have to again waste my money on the same book as i can do nothing with the old one. My idea is to design a digital book, i know this is not gonna be profitable for the authors but it will be helpful for readers. This book will have the functionality to overwrite what has already been written over the book, this book will automatically wipe the previous content and put inside the new content author just published. Or instead of overwriting it will just modify those parts who have been updated. In this way readers will not have t buy a number of same books again and again, also there will be a sense of consistency between old and new editions. Kindly support my idea so that i can implement this in real world with the help of Huawei. Thanks


qamaralishahid786 innovative story..!!!
qamaralishahid786 innovative story..!!!
Nasirnadeem3866 Great story.... thanks
Nasirnadeem3866 Great story
khubab51423 Nice story
hostersdata0 awesome
moeezkhan86 Great idea bhai ji
bsit-f15-lc-331 Waiting for implementation
foziafarooq56 Awesome idea, i love reading books
christinerotsaert123 Thank you for sharing, good idea.
mahach243 Keep it up bro!!
mahach243 Great idea!!
nooru075 Nice one
ammarshahid1994 Great Idea
chumer7969 That's such a wonderfull idea i would really appriecate that
miaanadeel Great idea!!
ali239047 Such an good idea ,People, love reading really need this.
ranasahib181994 Good idea
kj.ilyaas great and innovative idea
tehreemtayyaba it should be implemented
stella_0723 wonderful idea
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