Mobile Application that beats Depression

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According to the © World Health Organization (WTO), the proportion of the global population with depression in 2015 is estimated to be 4.4%, which means the total number of people living with depression in the world is 322 million. Across all racial, ethnic, and economic divides, women are about twice as likely as men to suffer from depression. Women's life is getting tougher nowadays. Working Moms need to take care of their family as well as their career, single ladies are depressed to get along with their new job and how being get promoted to a higher job position. All these social pressures have contributed to the issue that women are more susceptible to Depression. A healthcare application which may allow women to answering some preset questions for retrieving their daily mood indexes where these data are use to assess their level of happiness, women will be easily to understand their own current emotion status on daily basis. Such healthcare app may also analyzed the mood indexes collected of a woman for a month, and come out with a particular month emotional health report to prompt the woman whether she's under a good emotional health condition or she's likely in the risk of emotional depressed. The healthcare app may give some complement comments for good report generated to encourage the woman to keep on with her healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, some guidelines may be provided to help the woman to recognize what depression is, along with self-help strategies and tips to boost emotional health are available from the app itself. Alerted the woman to consult a psychological counselor if needed by providing related useful information. A Better Connected World with these features of healthcare mobile application, may help women to better understand depression, prevent and deal with it, thereof effectively may lead to reduce the high tendency of women suffer from depression.


bdragon955 This is good.
bdragon955 This is good.
lamlamengsiong Good One
christinerotsaert123 nice, keep it up.
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