The future smart community

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In 2020, we live in a smart and digital community, people's life become easier with the help of Wi-Fi. We wake up with a morning call from our smart phone, on time for work. Inside of our cars, there is automatic GPS letting us know when we will be arriving at work. If there is any traffic, the GPS will know beforehand, and guides us to another way to avoid the traffic. In our future smart community, the highway is quite fast without a traffic jam most of the time. The unexpected traffic is small. In any accidental events, we can click on the emergency button for traffic assistance that is already built in our cars or in our smart phones. The citizens of smart community rent some garden lands to grow our own vegetable/flower garden. With the help of information centre, the gardens are set up with scientific methods in green houses. After the seeds are planted, the growth of a garden is monitored by a digital device, such as a smart phone. A smart phone automatically monitors watering/fertilizing the garden everyday. A smart phone also reminds the gardener to check on the growth of his/her garden every week. When there are poultry in the garden and let's say hens are laying eggs, a smart phone will sent a message to the owner to remind him/her to pick up the eggs sooner. A garden will not be in conflict with the daily work of the smart community citizens. On top of the busy work, it complements the busy life of a smart community. The citizens are able to enjoy an organic life after busy work all day long. The usage of a digital garden is economical. Furthermore, the future children in the smart community are more likely to be friendly to the nature from their wellbeing. After work, the community gym centre welcomes everyone. There are a lot of modern equipments in the gym. For example, with a moon walker machine, we will experience a walk on the moon for 30 minutes. We exercise on a machine with our choice according to our health needs. Whether it is to strengthen our muscles, extend the flexibility of our joints or train our will power of completing a long run with a virtual treadmill on which we experience a hike with a view of a canyon. We have a choice with any machine in the gym. Nonetheless, we can join a class with a group of students who share similar interests. There, a professional teacher/trainer leads us with the fitness way until we get our energy back. Our health records is connected to our smartphone or digital device on our body. In case of an emergency situation, the ambulance arrives in 5 minutes for our care. Coming home, our family has already prepared a delicious dinner to welcome us back. This is a modern home, our mother makes delicious meals for us. However, the modern technology saved her from a busy day's work. The dinner table is designed in a future concept. The dinner table itself is a dinner set container. Before the dinner, we can click on the 'prepare dinner table' button. With a finger click, the table automatically arranges plates, glasses and silver wares from its inside to the top of the table in a neat timely fashion. There is a TV monitor connected on the table as well. With a finger click, our family enjoys family time with evening news when having dinner together. When we finish the dinner, we click on the 'dish washer ' function on the table, it automatically arranged the dishes inside the table while the food waste were sorted out with underground pipes set up with the table which connects to the central waste area of the smart community. Inside the table, the dish cleaning starts. On the table, the table surface is cleaned with the ' table cleaning' function. While all these in action, our mother is in the chair watching TV with us. She can relax now from all day's work. During the night, the digital clock reminds us time for bed. We click on the button by the bed, the ceiling opens with a virtual universe, we see ourselves as a small star in this great virtual universe. The sleeping function is on, home security system with security cameras which are connected to the smart community police is on. Knowing our home is safe, we are at ease into deep sleep, ready for a new day tomorrow.


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