Unbarring World Language

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We are now so advanced in connectivity technology, so advanced that it’s moving in breakneck speed. The world is becoming smaller and smaller each day. We can chat, collaborate or doing everything together in real time even though we are thousand miles apart. But one thing remains a barrier in communication between people from different countries all over the world is language. Yes, English is a universal world language but not all country is using English as first or second language. My dream in connected future is to see advancement is real time language translation technologies. Technology like Google Pixel Buds that can translate foreign languages in real time through a pair of headphones is a step in the right direction. As it is now, the Pixel Buds' language selection is limited so I would love to see more and more language added in the future. Imagine a world where people can speak to others confidently and naturally in their own language even though he or she is in a foreign country and they understand it completely. Advancements in cloud-powered real time language translation technologies can make conversation between two different language speakers feel so natural and they can contribute their thoughts or feeling freely without thinking about language. I have been in conferences with participants from all over Asia and communication was not smooth due to language problem. Cloud-powered real time language translation technology can help greatly in this issue. Imagine students from all over the world with different language collaborating using their own native language yet they fully understand each other. Think of how much we can learn from each other and how this can contribute to our knowledge or even world peace! This is my dream, my ideal of connected future where we can talk to each other without language barrier.


iqbal.anwar155 thats really good
iqbal.anwar155 thats really good
christinerotsaert123 awesome, good idea !
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