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Huawei To the RESCUE

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We are all engage to the world full of gadgets, indeed huawei is one of the greatest Mobile phone maker that renders brilliant product towards costumers. If huawei will be upgraded as high as a machine in the near future then it could be a great help towards the people around the society. By just using this kind of phone in finding the hidden places of criminals and etc..., the more applicable and easier to use with. Upgrading all the system in the phone, putting all the design in it, and all the knowledge. I guess in the future, its a safe to live with. Because, through the phone that could trigger the footprints of all terrorism that might have in the society will be reported directly in the police in just a bit of seconds by just the new upgraded huawei phone Once the criminals or terrorist will going to have a plan for committing crime the phone will directly ring and vibrate for a sign. Then definitely the place where a crime happen then huawei phone users in that place will directly notice the upcoming crime. By providing new model of huawei phone, it could help to eliminate crimes and terrorism towards the country. Indeed, by giving safety first towards the people. Huewei could help the society and the people surrounds us today.


shwanmhamad1 good
bdragon955 go for it
bdragon955 thats a nice idea
LudmilaMB I vote for you! @TopCyberNews on Twitter
LudmilaMB Yes! Go for it! Ludmila M-B
LudmilaMB Yes! Go for it! Ludmila M-B