Smartphones and Mental Health Law in the Philippines: One Deserves a Much Needed Upgrade

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Smartphones have been relevant for the past decade. The hype whenever a mobile company releases a new handset creates shockwaves throughout the globe. Expect typical conversations for the next few months to contain topics such as the latest innovation Company A placed in their new model to beat Company B or whether to replace their 1-year old handset with the latest release. Mental health, on the other hand, does not enjoy the same amount of buzz that smartphones enjoy despite being supposedly "relevant." We hear news regarding the increasing number of people taking their lives and crimes associated with mental disorders but no one bats an eye. Typical conversations about mental health will usually die down in one to two days and are limited to criticisms and one-sided judgments. But what is the biggest difference between the two? One deserves a much needed upgrade. Just like smartphones, mental health should be "hyped" and spread in all corners of our country faster than Huawei's new Kirin 970 chipset. Considering the current trend of unfortunate deaths associated with mental illness, awareness and education about mental health should be advocated. The message must be clear and crisp, just like images produced by Huawei's Leica cameras (minus the bokeh effect). Now, more than ever, mental health law should be placed and updated, much like Android's recent Oreo upgrade and Huawei's EMUI. I have faith in a connected future where technology may be utilized to the fullest to address timely issues such as mental health law. More than publicity and making our legislators aware of the need to create such law, i envision a future wherein smartphones may be used to aid in clinical assessments and to improve connectivity between health care providers and patients in order for the former to make check-ups and evaluations easier. After all, innovation comes from necessity - and a mental health law is waiting to be passed right now.


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