Road Accident First Aid on Immediate basis

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Hey People!Fiza Bajwa is here.Now a days world is full of innovations and except the ideas which are innovative.Health of a human being is the first priority and now a days in crowded and bad traffic proportion in under developed countries is the biggest problem including traffic jams, a road accident is the most common part of life and just because of lack of emergency services in underdeveloped countries there is a waste of human life to heavy traffic jams. My idea is basically to provide first aid service at uttermost priority to the affected person due to road accident by introducing Rescue bikes having all first aid equipment and a professional trained staff for first aid. This could be very helpful from health’s perspective as a bike can be easily accessed during traffic jams as compared to Rescue Vans. Hope this idea will help to save lives :)


marilesq2012 nice..,.,.:)
poncedarwin69 nice one! hoping for this!
mustafabutt69 treat
mustafabutt69 yayy
mustafabutt69 this idea will help to entire world
zeenatakbar717 good (Y)
zeenatakbar717 yo
zeenatakbar717 all the very very best :)
yaserarshad22 it will be a benefit for many others
yaserarshad22 fabulous
abdulrehman3725 good
abdulrehman3725 hope you will win
abdulrehman3725 do work for it
abdulrehman3725 all the best :)
helloonabeel (Y)
helloonabeel good job
helloonabeel awesome
danicatordilla14 Great
christinerotsaert123 good
nabeelzia1992 Best of luck :)
nabeelzia1992 Fab
muhammadhaseeb nice
muhammadhaseeb awesome idea
faisalayub292 ok!
faisalayub292 gud luck
bilalhafeez625 this idea will help to save lives :)
bilalhafeez625 Science is a beautiful gift to humanity :)
bilalhafeez625 wow story (Y)
iamatta2416 (y)
iamatta2416 good one
iamatta2416 very good luck to you
imzubair92 i hope you will implement this idea
imzubair92 nic3
zmjafary :)
zmjafary implement as well
zmjafary good luck
shafaqat.raza.12 good idea
shafaqat.raza.12 wah
Saadhaider.haider nyc story
Saadhaider.haider nyc story
Saadhaider.haider nyc story
Saadhaider.haider nyc story
Saadhaider.haider good luck for the best
Baigali93 work for it!!
Baigali93 nice story
amjadbajwa57 awesome
amjadbajwa57 :)
amjadbajwa57 good luck !!
ahaseeb14 Good one (y)
kashiflatif90 The most effective way to do it, is to do it. good idea, keep up the good work
hamza-hasnat Awesome story
aishabajwa143 Keep It Up
hassan.sherazi1 Nice
mehrannazir717 nice one
mehrannazir717 (Y)
nabeel.zia2 Good luck
nabeel.zia2 Life changer :)
bilalshafique994 Good Idea..!
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