Better connected transportation with better connectivity and central AI

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Imagine we have developed such a system in which there is data of each person and every person, every Bio-info either it be smallest biometrics ie fingerprint and every character ie his height/weight etc and social as well as background history, it would be lot more easier to trace a person. How it can improve transportation? Imagine we have central AI for every small district that can communicate with each other and share information about every activity that is taking place in the district through smart cameras and various other detection devices. Idea: We can have a system where Smart phone or any personal AI based device (not too advanced, just basic) can interact for you to the Central AI of the district. Suppose we book a ticket(ask our AI to do it).A unique code can be generated that may be shared with central AI, so when a person tries to reach somewhere AI has complete info about him. He books ticket for taxi ride to reach metro station and then catch airplane.Assume this is his schedule what he programmed.What if the schedule breaks,he will miss the train on time.He will miss his flight on time and could not reach his destination on time. If he/she wishes to catch an Airplane for a destination but couldn't reach because of some reason,the consecutive transportation ie Taxi-Metro-Airplane if can be altered easily it would be very easy to make on time. How it will work? First, he books ticket for taxi, seeing the availability he (HIS PERSONAL AI) books ticket for metro and simultaneously for his flight. He catches Taxi on time but due to some issue taxi can't broke down in between making it impossible to reach on time but with this new idea, the central AI of that districts tries to make sure passenger reaches on time, so it shares data with coming or nearby cab and transfers requisite partition of fund as per the fare, letting the Passenger to maintain his ride to catch his flight. Meanwhile, if it indispensably become impossible to reach destination ie catch his flight or somewhere, the data of user who has booked his flight is already stored in the data book/base of flight control office/AI so as per convenience it automatically books or shifts ticket according to passengers current position and on basis on basis of time required to reach the destination ie airport. The passenger is asked whether to delay his route or not,if not than for certain period of time, tickets booked are continuously shifted to next schedule of same transportation. In this way, minimization of vacant seats in public transport can be done, additionally it can make roads better ie safe road,safe society by making it easier to trace the passenger. The identification of the passenger is done by showing/scanning digital code /voice recognition when passenger accents to access the transport facility. The gist whole system described above is that data of booking ticket, preprogrammed schedule and biometrics of person can be accessed by central AI of district and be cross-pollinated across other AI.


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gorav_chhabra Aritficial Intelligence !!wow totally new idea but somehow it can make traffic status better
berigaurav31 end to crime and and heavy traffic.i really hate traffic jams., so this idea must be implemented
berigaurav31 no traffic jams killing time our precious time
rehanraja83 it can become reality???
mayankgarg311 One suggestion , introduce a system to put limitaion on the extent to control our data by Ai
garvit.shrm it will become impractical if the cost of the technologies for the AI control system is lot higher
neharajpal602 Amazing! Absolutely Amazing!!
rupali_1092 automation system can make our life comfortable easy and cozy.
binoycsurya motivating to become a great AI researcher in the future and contribute to the society.
shipra1216 it'll be a great achievement if it is going to be planned and executed sooner
sohitgarg015 Easy facility for foreigners, nice to locate and find,AI supporting all time, real time info.
akash.rana.0694 connecting all the world together, great
anmoldon09 May take time but it can become reality
shandilyaapeksha connect with me on facebook email id below, want to develop project with you if you want would be great
srivastava.monesh Aritficial Intelligence !!wow
srivastava.monesh what would be cost, if good research done than ok otherwise too costly
mansibansal11 want more story like this and smart solutions
rao.gaurav93 Putting and end to crime and traffic,this is what people want to enjoy to fullest
singhanjani3 beautifully written, good story shared here.
harshgupta935 Window to Future,how it may look.
babudeepak3 integrated Ai, Androids may become reality soon
chetripriya Thanks for sharing dear, you have really thought a lot, explained beautifully.
naveen_ravishankar loved it and voted for it
kirandeep.sandhu001 Use of biometrics is reality now also but with this idea it has become even more advanced.
cslubana good better connected story.
rskalkanda Hope this idea becomes reality to make proper usuage of resources and no traffic jams killing time.
yashu.m93 Nice one, goodluck for your story.Inspiring and better future.
yashu.m93 Great share man, it may be extended even more to make it beneficial for society.
simran0428 Aritficial Intelligence !!wow totally new idea but somehow it can make traffic status better
dharmendra1415 Awesome idea,great efforts nice story.
umang.joshi88 For cities with heavy traffic, this idea can make a lot of difference. Cars can communicate with one another and take decision for fastest and best route.
shrutirihilla89 AI already is part of our life. This idea will make it even more better and profitable. It is like science fiction, mini jarvis
Pulkit.5816 Good idea but it will require highly advanced tech but still if made possible and feasible by research it is possible and we may AI as part of our daily life
prynk.priyanka Yes people may find it inconvenient but with more advancements in this field can make its adapting easy
ashish.joshi90 People may have problem adapting to this technological advancements but still if we want to make future better this change is necessary
kalaankit Beautiful story. Appreciate your thinking to deter crime away
akhilpanwar05 Story is good but with more research it can turn perfect.
abhiupadhyay146 Not missed a single point fully explained how you idea works impressed.nice share
himanshu89.gorakhal So it is smart and fast community driven idea.
patwalmohit That is very big story but good one.:-)
nehasinha395 Thanks for sharing your idea.Good one!!????
aakki18 Future call.Seems like AI will catch up with us soon.
pant.kunal2006 Quite detailed explanation.Although I cannot understand fully due to technical terms but still seems like it has some great idea for future.
abhibanga1 Great share.Really nice one.
tyagi.mani19 Hope your idea becomes reality, stop crime, stop traffic jams.Goodluck
mudiburai Personally I feel it is good idea but security and privacy of someway sorted out it would be great like putting a bit of trigger how much AI can access
shaktisharma1989 It's really like small mini Jarvis but not impossible.Best way to solve traffic jams
lakhanmuniyal75 Great good idea.story is really feasible and today's call
siddhant1211 Great ides, much needed for future ,seeing AI in our daily life in future is required.
shivamkumar55214 Future techs that are now available seemed impossible in late 1900 but today change led by innovation is part of our life.So if you can't appreciate a change for better future, than don't complain.Innovation is all about change and most praised innovation
skant9149 AI is definitely needed for future,must for future.
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nareshkonapala Liked your story though it took 5 min to read
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nishantkutade1012 Can be very effective in long term.good share .
nishantkutade1012 Implementation may be tough but can be useful in many ways.
nishantkutade1012 Nice appreciable story
nishantkutade1012 Will be happy to see no traffic jams
dayanandraiece Okay,quite nice one
dayanandraiece Need to emphasize more on privacy and security
navnitmishra999 Good luck for story
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skcool177 Most probably it will be part of scciety in next 10 years or less.
ashishverma261190 Maybe with time we will be able to achieve that too
ashishverma261190 Yes,Jarvis like Ai today is almost impossible, we have to wait
rachmanrezza This possibly happen. But complex Personal Artificial Intelligence like J.A.R.V.I.S may happen in a few years.
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christinerotsaert123 nice idea
skant9149 Yes it is difficult to attain such powerful AI but with research in upcoming 10-15 years AI can become indispensable part of society.Not just transportation, to can be used in almost every field
skant9149 For the privacy related issues it can be sorted out with some of method like IVRS scan to confirm identity of person in case so faulty procedure happens
skant9149 Huawei itself has start focusing more on Neural Engine and AI research.
skant9149 AI can be almost for everything making resource access very fast
skant9149 Definitely AI are most needed now a days for better management
skant9149 Thankyou as well for negative comments
skant9149 Thank you for appreciating
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keshavsingh52 Woow super
ssubh99 thankyou for your comments
tamirluck need to think more
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skant9149 Completely new Idea
skant9149 Great Idea
skant9149 It can used for different purpose as well
skant9149 AI
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