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Hy this is bilal shafique. My topic is on health care. From last few years when the winter is come we see due to the lack of rain there is poison smog in the air and this kind of poison so dangerous for our health, bad effect on our eyes,it is also cause of many road accidents. People are very inconvenience from this smog. Now we intimate on the decrement of above stated poison (smog). There should be lots of choppers blowing in the air which spread water fall in the air, it conducive the lack of poison smog it also fullfill the lack of rain. In the result of above said solution people live in a healthy/happiness way share my idea and thank you.!


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atif7069 its really good for society
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mouad.alsoufi2013 its just happen in pakistan i think
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amir.naveed992 it is due to environment changing all over the world
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jacularmalik56 its really poison smog
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bilalshafique994 support my idea and share it soon before 31 dec.
bilalshafique994 love you all friends and friends of friends..!
bilalshafique994 Thanks for showing your support
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ahsan-naveed done
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umunir47 we should control on pollution also
umunir47 we should control on pollution also
umunir47 yes it happens every winter from few years
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mr.rashid_mughal kia bat ha wah
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Muhammadxareeb its happens only for few days
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adeeljavaid.50 we can also spread a chemical in the air
mr.umairsrwr start gym for good health hah
bilalvirk737 its impossible sir
rehmanccw anything else bilal.?
rehmanccw done
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hamidrashid999 govt should implement on this
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absudais30 now a day here is lacking of rain
absudais30 that is needed
shahzaib.shahid825 who implement on this
shahzaib.shahid825 Good idea good luck
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mahmoodshah464 woow splendid idea frnd
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zubairliaquat125 right bro it should be in practice
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furqanbinameen Good luckk
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bilalshafique994 Thankyou brothers :)
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chazeemirshad Good luck to you for mate10
chazeemirshad Good story brother
bilalshafique994 Need your much support share my story too
bilalshafique994 Thnks Guys keep it up
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mr.salman.ahmad its Good for health
Waqasahmadfr heavy idea
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usman.ilyas great story
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aqiib000 its a Good idea for healthy life
aqiib000 chopper everywhere
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abhinav.vocational Good idea
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nediasahraoui Good idea
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usama.300 Good one,
naeemkhan0064 Good
Habib.jalal23 artificial rain cool
Habib.jalal23 Good idea
madihatahir30 i like your deal
madihatahir30 but who implement on this
madihatahir30 right thnig
rubabzafar18 rain like this shuold be everyday so cool
rubabzafar18 Good idea
zubairkhan716 story is Good
zubairkhan716 All the best bro for mate 10 hah
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Nigeetakanwal My brother You win
Nigeetakanwal story is right
ahmadhyatt impliment
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imranhammad BTW wish you all the best
imranhammad i want to write a story too
imranhammad Nice One
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falakjaved66 Good healthcare story
maftabm you are right bro but its much expensive
maftabm health is wealth
attiqrafiq all the best
attiqrafiq Yeah
rashidviper1995 Csws
rashidviper1995 Good idea,And should be implement on that innovative idea
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