Automated Sustainable Buildings

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As an engineering student, I would really like to have a sustainable future for our Earth. For hot and humid climates, electricity bills can be a burden to most building. This is because energy consumption is used in utilities, poor design planning and lack of knowledge on energy savings. Reducing energy consumption is able to also reduce climate change and greenhouse effect. Ever since industrial revolution, more and more buildings have been build. Buildings are used for offices, schools, health care etc. Having sustainable buildings will be the future. Having automated control for lighting design will reduce power needed by a buildings. Lighting can be automated through motion sensor and photosensor. Motion sensor can automatically turn lights on when there is motion and off a short while later. Areas that motion sensors can be fixed are toilets and areas with less occupancy. Also, photosensor can be used to turn off lights during daytime. It can be fixed outdoors and areas which are close to windows. Having automated window shading can also control glazing and control direct sunlight based on the sun’s position and occupancy. This can save energy and maximize daylight in a building. Many building air conditioning system are overdesigned that you need to wear an extra layer of clothes to withstand the cold. Air conditioner designs can be more sustainable when there is an increase in air speed rather than reducing the temperature, this allows same level of comfort than having low temperature. Having automated control for air conditioning can control a space temperature and increase comfort for occupants.


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rogergoh1996 I hope that I can live in a sustainable housing
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jaysun_96 solar energy should be harnessed and used effectively for building needs
shawngoh87 Persuade the developers to support and invest on this idea.
txtew automated sustainable building is not a dream anymore
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elmostella.1023 Reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint is the utmost important task to create a sustainable future.
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yeyihong1207 AI- powered apps can be developed to monitor the activities in the building
teckyao Strong desire and determination allows you to achieve your dream successfully.
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alvinku40 Sustainable building will become the future trend in the construction field
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blacky_ericlim go environmental awareness
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chiakhaishen government has to create more opportunities to make this idea into realistic
leejunhong95 everything is under control with the help of Automated control system.
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wixtenwengyi automated building is our future
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kpheng0316 Build more sustainable buildings and facilities
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lowks.lks I hope that I can live in a green city
bhwong97 A fact-based story
leongmk62 try use rely on the renewable energy sources too. reduce the usage of non-renewable energy
totentan08 The climate change is becoming more serious over the year
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zhengyu_khor Everyone has the responsibility to make our environment sustainable.
yh-xuan proper design is necessary in a sustainable building
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sukio41197 Hope that the building developers can provide affordable sustainable housing.
hean_93 It makes me interested in this field.
tkhcykaimba i think this idea capable of fulfilling and providing a sustainable future for the community
k31yin8 Artificial Intelligent-powered building automation system is able to be used for the practical purpose of this idea.
mac9182 I have the same opinion about this..
jadentan0401 A true and correct story.
bhge-hqoyy96 Now or never
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federicotang016 We would really like to have a sustainable future for our Earth.
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edcwenhao Don't design the air-conditioning system in a manner that is excessively complex or that exceeds usual standards. This will cause wastage and greenhouse effect.
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Guesser18 save our money for the electrical bill
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joannesngu Develop a sustainable city from this idea.
moisoonseng Prevent overuse and wastage of energy to save our environment.
calvin_ong528 Automated building management system is not a new technology.
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killereugene thank you for sharing
cloonng everyone is needed to contribute to make this idea successful.
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alexander_5176 Use and employ the solar energy as our electricity and light resources as it is a renewable energy source.
tkw_nmsb The current technology for the building automation system can help in making this idea realistic.
weykhoon It will be the best if we are given the remote control so that we can adjust the temperature that we want and desire.
ahkeatx Yes, it is. I look forward to it.
bryan.wong.hj10 True. Agree with your story.
wernjoon_wong Engineers from multi-disciplines have to cooperate and integrate with each other to work on this idea.
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justinyap0415 Sustainable building will be the future and our hope.
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tkjet123 Automated system can help to improve the lifestyle and create a better future to the community.
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waii_cool good idea!
weiyingteoh We have to start the transformation now. Support sustainable building.
kaori-1711 AI can be used for the automated system in a sustainable building
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fookaigie95 We need good and responsible engineers to make this success.
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benjaminsaw95 don't overdesigned the air-conditioning system.
wen_ee1992 AI-powered system can be very powerful and useful in the automated building system.
kwanmengzheng Sustainable building has a lot of benefits
faustlim For the sake of next generation!
missivotingmingling Agree with this story. There are a lot of buildings that are overdesigned nowadays.
foongz_1994 good story, good idea, good intention, good engineer
kyanG2222wong A GREEN WORLD
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Shin.nee29 Automated building can be very costly
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chiaki.xiaofei AI technology can help in controlling the building
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tomatomichelle build more sustainable buildings to create a sustainable city.
samanthanteo117 Artificial intelligence (AI) can control the systems in a building in an intelligent way.
choongyihan97 A green ans sustainable house is the ideal place to live and stay comfortably.
yike1216 Let's create a sustainable world
afifadeena Automated building control system is one of the best and breakthrough innovation created nowadays.
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irenecwt93 AI can help to solve this problem.
ndf_724 sustainable building creates the future for the next generation.
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zhiyih.lee70scout Save energy - save money. An energy efficient car and home saves money.Save money by looking long term and not short term. Spending a little more for energy efficiency saves money long term.
vincent5847 Fantastic, great, wonderful.
limpohyee0207 great it.
emilycky98 Very good initiative, inspiring as well.
kwliew96 Green Building Designs must be the standard now.
meilyntang Interesting.
catherineliing You should promote AI in your idea too.
pooilingtan95 What are the differences between green building and sustainable building?
snowsnow_ss the word "sustainable" is so powerful!
xiohei Thanks for creating the awareness on the current environmental issues and sustainable building, never realize about it.
wschew_96 can't wait to see and experience this kind of building. it makes me so excited.
summerlaehk13 i have faith in you
colourcolour0301 is the quality of engineer decreasing nowadays?
oonkl1999 a good engineer can design all the aircond system properly
huiting0512 Invest automated sustainable public transport too
jiawern0205 i think this idea is good, i have confidence with it
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jas.ming_1016 automated system for a high rise building can be very costly and timely, need constant maintenance and used up a lot of resources and materails
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khey0917 Confident with your idea and makes it comes true
yeeyu_1010 the best indoor air quality, comfortable lifestyle, save electricity and water, reduce carbon footprint etc...
kying_ok2 i believe this sustainable building can give a very great impact to the community.
suga_cutey Not bad.
keeyanyan the modernization is becoming more important!
diana2eng Implement AI system in the automated system for sustainable building
nisha280696 nice idea, this kind of building can help us to reduce the energy consumption and carbon emission.
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yenyi0206 Artificial Intelligent is smart and useful to control the active systems in a building.
siewpei1997 AI is the best tool to help in controlling the automated system
yenfern2601 This idea can help the community and environment to transform into a better side.
kahman_ckm97 We have to aware of our environment issues and take a step to solve them.
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vanessatxl you're right. agree.
shum_jj don't run away from reality, people.
courtneylai_1996 Do it! If not, we'll doom.
nature4season24 There's no Earth B. Sustainable building is our last hope.
wanchuencheng we have the responsibility to repay to our Earth and provide a sustainable lifestyle to our future generation.
yen-lurnz Agree. Automated system can help to save our time and effort to control the building.
lcxin920 Use AI system to control the building, just like the one used by Huawei Mate 10.
shuihuan15 install solar panel and rainwater harvesting system to save up more resources and money.
yeekuanyu Hope this idea can give the community a comfortable lifestyle when it comes true.
juniorlim_mj Totally agree with your idea. Give support you!
cjiali95.59 voted for you. all the best.
shinyi1995 Now or never!
meimeiliew95 Go for it, there is no second Earth.
shinfeb14 it can be a difficult task and journey
wenyuntwy96 amazing~
liewyeeleng_08 I LIKE YOUR IDEA!
ailoon96 Interesting idea. Sustainable building is an attractive idea.
peijia_93 sustainable building is great!
www.amy_deadprincess a lot of efforts needed to be paid off to make this sustainable idea success.
survivor7doubleU good for you!
devarajparimala94 Discover new energy sources!
anaazi94 prohibit overdesign the aircond
lohyenshin A lot of great efforts have to be paid off to achieve this and make this happens.
huichin_leow96 well said! nice.
winnie_960918 it'll be a great achievement from you if it is going to be planned and executed by you
perrine_1214 sustainable and last long building is important and beneficial to the community.
yeapszuhui all the best in your future career!
mslyee94 It's in the planning stage and is going to happen soon.
santhini-94 The initial cost can be very high if complicated system is going to be used. Anyway, nice story.
nami_knn Our society really needs people like you to make a transformation
k.s.lim No much comment from me. Good luck!
siaufong_0219 Good and brave proposal from you.
alize_teddybear this article is motivating to become a great engineer in the future and contribute back to the society and help those in needs.
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marwinna3009 I hope that we can provide a better and sustainable future for our future generation.
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cerene112 This idea is great. I think it is plausible to be done and implemented.
yingyee1006 Yeapp! True and well said.
sharonwyy1995 Use AI for the automation control system.
lohkarhui95 automation system can make our life comfortable and easy
xinghuisiah1995 wish you all the best! good luck!
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lhgoh.08 In my opinion, this idea is not practical.
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jun_0880 good luck and hope you can contribute this idea to the community one day.
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awwc95 I want a sustainable future.
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tears_pleasure well said!
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xzlimloo can't wait to witness this type of building.
changkahchen the modular building can be very popular.
mosesng2012 The weather is becoming hotter, the glazing can be a great help to minimize the heat from transferring into the building
janicejxc woah... good story!
natalinadamanik looking forward to it.
jeanlimjiayin9347 I wish that I can have the chance to stay in sustainable housing.
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pooisze_180311 I totally support your idea.
may_qing good information to everyone of us.
luj-97 more green technologies and systems have to be installed for a sustainable high rise building.
xinyi5566 I'm confident that Artificial Intelligence can work very well in the automated system
cheahannhung our last hope?!
ewh_1129 the city council and relevant authority has to monitor the construction of a sustainable building.
jjin0113 like!
nursaadiah1995 try not to use aircond if it is not necessary.
0205teoh stop overdesign aircond!!
angelinelc13 Be patient and wait for the chance to shine and contribute this idea, it will come to you when you gather enough support.
yi_tan95 It can bring a lot of long terms benefits
kagami88 Hope u can win this contest!
lexuanllx Hope you can truly contribute to the society.
peiyee_chiew Fabulous!
dorarinyo88 there's always hope. good luck and all the best
kerryannchin incredible idea!
felicehiv good luck! aim to be the best idea!
vivian94rc Is AI the best tool to make the automated systems successfully?
ziyulew totally agree with the points mentioned in this story.
karenwee1711 hope that u can make this idea comes true.
mikhei05 Lets hope that everyone can contribute in making the sustainable future .
jingwen.c95 Build automated facade to block as much direct radiation from entering into the building.
loo_swan this field can be very popular if the idea of sustainable building obtains enough support and budget for the real construction.
mytiffany261 Use recycled material instead of new processed material for building construction.
weiling_418 A sustainable building that can last long and able to withstand disaster too.
Jiunn_chuah It's now or never. The earth is going to be destroyed soon if we do not take any action to protect it now.
loonjia95 well said. nice reading. good luck
shenvern1105 This dream can be very challenging if you do not have enough support from your side.
ykt_0826 no comment. btw, good luck.
sweet_kwn It's quite impressive. Not bad.
super_ace0701 Voted for this story. Nice one! Keep it up!
teiwaikheng Most people aims for materialistic benefits and sacrifices the sustainable future and comfortable lifestyle.
hxinchai Don't be selfish and think and consider for our future generation
ooijl9133 I feel you. All the best!
erica.fen68 Good! It's quite straight forward. Don't have any "grandmother story". Nice to read.
dakxer Great idea! Keep this passionate spirit and make it success.
limsinnie95 Agree with this, sustainable building is our future!
husniatiusman A big applause for you.
annkee95 There is only one Earth that suitable human mankind.
shinikami_83 there are a lot of sensors needed to make this automated system works
xanseviera96 I hope that I have the chance to witness the sustainability provided by sustainable building.
jingshi93 support! support! good luck.
sk.two The developer for sustainable building should monitor the project strictly to prevent bribery or cheating during the progression.
san_max totally support your story.
jlhelen_94 you're right! it's time to change.
mei_9403 it can be costly and timely for the 1st time construction, but not for the next few times.
ffxian understood and totally agreed with your idea
hamiza03-06hanis wish that you can be a success engineer in the future
ieyamira96 use energy efficient appliances to reduce the electricity consumed.
weipan94 The possibility of failure can be high if the initial planning is not properly done. Besides, constantly monitoring of the project is necessary too
aida_dalila good idea from you, nice one!
aaacheng0806 Break down the barrier between all the parties involve in a construction to make sure the sustainable building can be produced successfully.
leechinong814 This idea sounds good!
farizuda Proper design planning is important for the construction of sustainable building.
hock_ling95 this idea shines out among all others
woonling the sustainable building is useless without adequate sustainable public transport system around the area.
ooi_yijack the area of sustainable city shall be provided with adequate public transport services.
anisshafiqasabarudin96 The development of sustainable buildings will definitely restore the area’s glory.
lyenakhaleeda one of my favorite story, keep it up.
shahira.salehin keep it up and contribute your idea and capability for the community
yanyingtan The developer has to utilize the space and resources to provide more affordable facilities for sports and recreational activities
anafatihah62 The government has to support STEM program to promote the interest in science and technology to more students so that they can become our excellent engineers to contribute to the society in creating a sustainable city.
syahidahchetak no comment
chongtsen1004 a great idea indeed
humairahazahar automation is playing an important role in our comfortable lifestyle
melodyrat sustainable building can bring advantages to the current community and our future generation
serasya96 done voting. all the best
mimimomo102095 invest more money on the sustainable building, this idea can bring long term benefits
wenny_1214 the developer can feature a safe environment near or around the sustainable building for outdoor activities too
wanchyi0503 go for it, good luck!
eiyaqiela267 create a good lifstyle for the resident and occupant
theresachu25 the city council can use this concept to aim to be the low carbon city
thiviya_96 Use sustainable appliances for the building
huiwen1201 Make the place heads towards a sustainable and low carbon economy city
wanpengleong great idea!
ivantay1225 Invent, research and produce more sustainable buildings and public transports
shulamitetiong Good effort.
yaphong0211 Well done. Keep up the good work!
zumpingzoe nice work!
lcxin0920 Very informative!
beatricelhe Very useful !! Nice work
tanjinxian1997 very nice :::
evanyeohboonkhai Amazing!
junlhj great job
kyeverne Magnificent!
shengjun926 Save energy - save money. An energy efficient car and home saves money.Save money by looking long term and not short term. Spending a little more for energy efficiency saves money long term.
mayoori31 Great!
eeteng_96 i love it....
zi.zihong good luck!
rachelcheong0115 agreed
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charleslaith I love it!!!
thongsuyu very impressive
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sheeyen1111 impressive!
kauthar_mazone good luck
harchew4796 Voted!
tinatang95 use high grades systems to make sure they are long lasting
cyvoon it's practicable.
jadesenglee we have to create the awareness of protecting our environment and sustainable building to the young generation.
dtltb_story do not ignore the current environment issues
llyedlee Everyone can get the benefits from the sustainable building.
kexinn0503 the aim of making building envelope sustainable is to reduce building resource consumption and environmental degradation
sing_hui I agree with your story, nice job.
applejingyi_96 Its a good idea to improve the sustainability of the building with automation and controls
weihong94 use LED lighting
leeting_cheng0920 the best idea!
9027jiajun two thumbs up
deane97 Go build it.
wkchen1231 Love the concept.
yap_yane6022 Wonderful, thank you very much for sharing.
chongkwangliang Interesting concept!
coolliew1 Very inspiring!!
klwwen1126 i really like this idea.
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chunming_23 Amazing! Absolutely Amazing!!
soovoohui the future now
hohuanzy Very cool.
skyecjw Freaking brilliant
lingling_0408 Love this!!!
joann3069 great idea
nghungyang Wow, I loved the idea xx
kat_king94 please aware of our situation now people.. we do not have planet B
rogergoh2008 i understand and agree with you
adeline-tc This article is quite general and not much details are explained over here.
el_teoh453 Good!
salinajono you must have a great team to assist you to make this success
liow_xinrou Sustainable building can give a lot of benefits to the environmental, community and society
ajonkhee it will become impractical if the cost of the technologies for the automated control system is higher than the allowable budget
joanne_fui96 Develop a useful and strong artificial intelligent to control the systems effectively.
yongsing wow, there are a lot of positive comments below
chawsiewwoey A success engineer should not focus merely on new technology and innovation, he has to aware the news on the environment and community so that he can think of the idea on solving all these problems.
huikian_94 Maintain this good behavior once you graduated from your degree and work as an engineer.
ck_hei Hope you can win this contest!
huitheng_95 Can anyone tell me what is the difference between sustainable building and green building?
jun123ng passionate architect and innovative engineer are needed to work together to make this idea a success
shann_0609 automated sustainable building can bring a lot of conveniences to the occupant and owner.
giftowen95 we should start using renewable energy rather than non renewable energy for the generation of electricity.
ruiming23 great and nice article! good job.
siowpeiyi This story creates a great awareness to the reader on our current situation and problem to our environment.
sok_sin Totally agree with you.
w.wen_2013 sustainable building can bring a lot of changes to our lifestyle
ssgoh7 I am understanding and feeling the same thought as you
chiangyi1113 industrial revolution is the time where resource is being used up at a rapid pace
huiying950318 put green roof and vertical plant
kimberley_0809 aircond used up most of the electricity
d2diabolo2d try not to overdesign all the system
kerkyiyong Wish you all the best!
puisancheah voted for your story.
zihan961031 interesting and nice story.
ongchooi95 It's excited and pleased about sustainable building if it is going to happen around the globe.
xiaohui122794 sustainable public transportation three!
lowkenwin1995 We have to support sustainable transportation too
muhammad.rosli I hope that this idea can be planned and executed
roxas-rap AI is going to dominate the market including building automation system
jiawei_444 done all.
akusyam great
c.timothyyang this article is too general.
binxuan-ng Energy saving is important to make sure we can fight against the energy crisis.
jzzheng97 sustainable building for sustainable future
chingsan94 I support your story.
ahmond No comment. Great article. Keep it up
chee-k Have u heard of central vacuum system? It is said that it is one of the green technologies available in the market.
marcussling97 allow more green technologies to be used in the building.
nca5071 great idea!
melvin_ho96 the relevant authority and organization should plant more trees.
ahmadnajmuddinazmi it's time to transform
chewy994 Like, like, like!
kah_meng456 Liked!
waihing1237 well-performed system can bring to a good and sustainable building
kahyee_12 be a passionate and dedicated engineer in your future time
puffinui more detail please.
longlit97 nice reading, good luck.
benjamin445566 As an engineering student, it's time to gain more knowledge and apply them in your career for the sake of community.
jiehuiyaw "Sustainable" is so powerful that we must try to achieve it
kiayun.0218 support! support!!
athif96 good story (Y)
yongtat24 sustain the future for our young and future generations
jvoon.93 government must support this idea!
lim_junjie Nice. Given my vote to this story
c.kahguan1212 we must keep our environment clean and reduce the waste produced during the construction.
kchun_24 wish you all the best!
kccwlim Now or never!
luckykenny93 Agree with u
pirate4eversam be confident with your idea and make this comes true
yong.seeyen We need trustworthy designer and engineer to make this sustainable concept success
wanping89 set the default aircond temperature to higher value
kamsayhong IoT is important to make this success
qihangang93 apply AI in the automation system
lamdaoxiang residential buildings do not require these automated systems
engzhiyuan96 It needs a lot of efforts to make it success
chuntee17 good story!
6688yuan sustainable building is extremely costly
jonen1996 Our environment is in our hand
chernwei.lee save our environment
cooljieyang use energy efficient aircond
gohfmeric it's time to repay back to the environment.
gohkokwei1994 cool!
isaacgek Sustainable building is our future
cobra950118 It's great to have this platform, everyone can voice up his idea.
fey619 Try to be more innovative
abbasrosedi it will be a great achievement to the country if this idea really works.
zhenjie911 promote module building
kenttei0202 Impressive!
leonweecs woww, good idea.
hwa_1995 well said
khooi8913 It will be great if your story comes with a short video.
loveteyuchong95 Nice reading. Voted for your story. Good luck.
lbsoon1995 hope you can make this dream comes true
fitriifauzii Everyone must contribute something to create a sustainable future for ourselves
chinzheyuadrian great idea, keep it up
eugenengo1996 that's a fine idea
low.hong.yan 1 lOve.
gujian927 right on.
simonheng1995 i love it.
marylee9408 SPLENDID!
yeelei0215 Great idea! I would love to be a part of this kind of project.
eric_qingyong That sounds amazing!
jiaqi10150 Fantastic.
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pangweihao wonderful ideas.
victoriatan_scobby Awesome
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al.amin96 im very inspired
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aristotle.axz such a very very nice post!
clementting1997 Here’s hoping that more and more people will invest in green buildings.
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k3ankhim_99 with sustainable building, worry no more about the environment issue.
kokping.lim70scout it has to come with high speed internet too haha
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wongkahwai_stephen build for last long
yong_chiat nice and interesting story
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ccy.word control the brightness of lighting
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shunkian A great engineer has to pay attention to the problems from the environment, society and community.
hanyang0330 you need to have an automated security system in the sustainable building too
keeaun_96 great!
jiaaun96 an engineer should be innovative and passion in contributing to the community
limsamwin good luck and study hard in your degree
jiaweisjw "smart" and sustainable automated system needed to be installed in the building so that the monitoring and controlling of other systems can be done effectively.
fookitlee build more green and sustainable buildings
Donquixote900 I think the Diamond Building is the best example of a sustainable building.
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chongzh0809 sustainable building is our future
obaidallah.elshafiey nice story
hasbullahrahman96 use AI to automate the systems in the building
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douglasgtang95 I think this sort of building should be encouraged everywhere.
vino9 it will be great if we can provide a sustainable lifestyle
leeyana1402 You have to study harder so that you can contribute back to the society in the future time
akmalaref95 It needs engineers from multidisciplinary to collaborate with each other to build a better automated system.
azizi.sukri For a better future
mohdazwan greenhouse effect and global warming are getting more serious...
asyrafsamsuri good idea!
zhenyu.95 i prefer fan over aircond
mirzazahid94 true, hate it especially those rooms without the aircond manual controller
tjlok.official So sad that we are destroying our planet by ourselves now!
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neverush.94 it's a great green approach
limchunyang is it workable?
btseah96 it's informative, thank you.
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teoh968 can't wait to have a chance to stay in this kind of building
h.liong0210 architect and engineer have to integrate, communicate and work together well to make this workable.
derekliew7 so cool!!!
distance94 comfortable is the important aspect in a sustainable lifestyle
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jht_725 Great, good luck!
tws.winson96 my suggestion is to include all the parties in the construction project to avoid wastage
pchpch9595 We have to make sure our environment is not destroyed by the current human activities, especially construction project.
pro.ksyew use AI to assist in automated controlling the building systems
alexistay94 you have a very good ambition
sinhong96 support 1
rylrimrun good luck
yenchin95 automated control can involve in controlling more systems such as fire fighting system etc
txy9475 aircond uses up about 70% of overall electrical energy in the building
samteejs Agree. Engineer should try to design the aircond according the occupant needs
xian_1106 think out of the box
samsungcorby90 try to reduce the energy usage by these active systems in the building as this can minimize the overall energy consumption effectively and overcome the energy crisis
ooichinui will the construction becomes more lengthy?
tzemingchin @huawei, do research on the automated technology
masahiro.alan automated control can be costly
magicjerry98 Good
brandongohhh great! not bad
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wylee94 hey, 1300 likes achievement unlocked!
zac.chin the non-profit organization needs to establish a certification system for the assessment of buildings to promote sustainable building
kalaicool007 architect should plays an important role in this concept too
wanqiloo98 reduce the impact to the environment
keikei_315 every country should have a council to deal with the sustainable building
mengchia94 never thought of this
yvexian94 my vote goes to your article
gohzhenghui no money no talk
erin18_sky i support automated sustainable building
truthtys do not overdesign our aircond
yongyang for our young generation
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gilbertleng DIY housing
azyeric1014 great idea
daniellau5551 last long building :O
tzyyliangc keep going
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lowjuneweng my choice
khng96 it makes me excited
ldw_7749 The participation of residents is of great importance concerning low-cost housing too!!
tjunkit96 the society has to change their lifestyle themselves to reduce energy consumption and carbon emission
daniel_060496 young and bright future engineers are NEEDED!
sianhongchan the building site needed to be controlled and monitored to prevent bad quality of the building
iamlwh What is the role of governments and institutes and private actors in this concept?
carex1226 housing NGOs, local authorities, traders, producers, developers should worked together to provide sustainable building
adaeno_dino i admire your idea, it can bring us sustainable future
weiaun96 Good idea. Good luck to you!
alexboy_ng it's not going to happen if we do not start taking action now
limjiajun96 authorities should create the right conditions and play important role in supporting sustainable building
yorksheng not bad
leotan98 not informative
derrick0208 strive for it!
vivianyap9397 Local government building control has to work harder on this
Leo.cheah the improvement in technology can make this successfully
clemen_td there may be organizational, political, and financial constraints. so have to be very careful
qiqi920726 i hope that you can win this contest and contribute back to the society
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kimwei_1018 awesome idea!!
tongwei0823 Bamboo has a lot of potential as a building material for sustainable low-cost housing.
maylau512 The sustainable construction aspect must always be well attended, meaning it requires adequate foundations and structures
jfchoong2002 i heard that there are some good examples of corporate involvement in house construction
siying_chong NGOs should involve the residents in parts of the building processes and simultaneously offer technical assistance, training, and courses in different disciplines of construction.
twk22 Preferably, the (future) residents are involved in designing their houses by creating the floor plan, choosing the building materials, and participating in the house construction or the home improvement.
eleanor_amsyuen save our environment!
magnumahn0206 win!!!!!!!!!!
king7teoh hope u can contribute back to the society and environment
trend1996 good!
happyangeltioe building needs good design planing before the construction stage
tannian96 harness solar energy
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weiren28 air-cond has to be designed properly
shalimah26 wish u all the best in your degree study and this contest
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ting_kun build more convenient infrastructure and public transport for better lifestyle and sustainable future
khaiyinn0110 study hard and smart to gain knowledge for contributing back to the society
tjinzhi it is expensive to have the automated sustainable building
reborntiew9 this is my favorite article
michyukhae the government should support this concept
lk_hao is green building different from sustainable building?
qiaowei_s we have to take action because more and more disasters happen nowadays
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jinger_96 not impressive enough
pompy1221 we have to take action for the implementation of this idea
jessyleong89 sustainable housing does not contribute to climate change or emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2 gas)
aly_toh Sustainable housing and urban planning and housing is important
sowtyng This article does not provide information on the use of building materials for sustainable building
azam.jalil bangunan mampan
nuramalina4657 there is a huge demand for affordable urban housing in the countries
norlela.osmat Due to climate change, natural phenomena are becoming more violent, and thus the requirements for the durability of a building’s structure and its materials need more attention.
aymepi i hope that i can stay in a house that is long lasting, having nice features and require only a little maintenance
jxuanlim Sustainable and high-quality building materials must always be used in housing, also in low-cost housing.
mmu_zeera menarik
rajaahmadfahmi artikel yang baik
samsiyah_makmur nice reading
muisenpang to produce more sustainable building materials, local communities should be trained and educated with regard to house building.
arulsamad use bamboo stick instead of pvc or steel as the pipe material
harajukuhara28 use sustainable building materials for low-cost housing !
lizalatib thanks for the article
awatifahamad switch off light if there is no occupant in the room
wanwa23r i want comfortable lifestyle
nsyahira.rashid more disasters are coming if we do not take any action
lovely_red1710 the weather is changing dramatically
missnana_nasir we need sustainable building for saving energy and reduce carbon emission
athirah_ramli VOTED FOR YOU!
nazielah9606 me want sustainable life
munirtaip2 GO FOR IT!
khezz.khzmh nice try
nurfaridashah91 do not overdesign our aircond
nurulhafida.zazi didn't think about this idea before
mimianisyar last longer
hairil.nazir good one
afizahbt reduce carbon emission
hanafizain use recycled material for our building
eila_fadillah91 hope we can achieve and provide sustainable future and lifestyle
norainsahari use energy efficient and water efficient appliances
hayatihamdan.hh maximize the natural light, reduce the use of light bulb or light tube
cecil.wsy92 So awesome.
ainjiazai71 my favorite connected story!
nora.azim hope u can make it work in the future
clex_25 whether you like it or not, sustainable building might not be able to work properly because it requires too many systems and controllers to monitor the building
puterahalim sustainable building can lead to sustainable lifestyle !
elle_legolas poor might not have the chance to live in this kind of building
ninahamdan This story only emphasizes on the technical approach on how to provide sustainable building. It doesn't talk about other ways.
q.thoong u forgot to mention that it can reduce the building maintenance
karyee123456789 btw, sustainable building should be built to last
yucacsy great idea from you, keep it up
www.csiremie for our future generation!
crystina.yy we are facing energy crisis now, act now or never
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kslam59 preserve the resources for the future gen
t_yuan33 thanks for the sharing!
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jacklhg93 thank you for sharing your idea to us
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changxi95 build green roof to cool down the building effectively
jiunnkar we need to promote sustainable transportation (i.e. train) too
azwanawalludin upgrade the existing building to sustainable building
ailing0823 i want sustainable building
hyyong_0106 the project engineer need to monitor the progress of construction
allenwalker4251 Very cool.
limjengjit Great idea
mustakimsazali don't give up!
yindy95 the building authority and government should work together in helping out the development of this concept
chiangyi9515 not many people care about sustainable future, they care about money only
yng.ching hope you can be a successful engineer in the future
steadyrunning good luck, don't give up
yeewaiying I have the same though too. Wonder why the designer didn't use logic sense when designing the air-cond
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zackliew95 more and more buildings must be sustainable,
yauwk91 Let fight climate change
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jay_chow22 wonderful idea
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engheng99 nice :)
tang_1188 good explanation
ling060975 All the best!
masamsulkaiser need to persuade the owner for installing all these systems (because it is not cheap to install all these controller and sensors for a large building)
yen_97 Leave your comment
tgav777 we need intelligent and innovative engineers in designing these systems
ykyee_1997 it's boring, but nice try
elanne_mok0301 use light color or white paint for the external finishing of outer wall of the building
wenxiangooi1017 we are living in hot and humid climate, but yet we are wearing so thick constantly just to fight the coldness in a building...
cheahying911101 true, agree. we have to understand the situation and start to perform to protect this planet for a sustainable future
weienn28 we have to change our attitude, or else we won't be able to love our Earth and protect it from destroyed
nurulain.sulaiman1306 we need someone to initiate this concept so that all others will follow his or her path
dianayaacob12 1100 likes!
jierah_bacho air-cond is used to provide thermal comfort. it is not designed to freeze the occupants in the building
azamnah3 nice article, hope u can win
zerome_zealot we can't live and survive on Moon or Mars
sean-ng save the Earth, now or never
fatin_aare we have to appreciate every resource we obtain from the Earth
kj_1114 we need more green buildings
rahayu.bsynergy it can be a very costly project
korieu2 no comment
sitihajarsabri bagus! great!
dianarossleen thank you for the idea
mzamir26 efficient ke tak?
cheehoelooi our responsibility to create sustainable future for the young gen
nathan_hertzberg95 mampan
miow1111 great!
heng0401 不曾想过你的顾虑,谢谢你的故事
liewzeming work on IoT as the building automation system
wengthai94 pay in full effort to preserve the resources we have now
yuechinglim 本身觉得你的故事蛮不错,继续加油。
pik.han we can use the heat generated from the air-cond for better use
amalinaramli artikel menarik, teruskan usaha untuk membuatnya nyata
aimilee27 semoga berjaya
nza84 cadangan yang menarik, bagus
rushyed idea yang baik!
fateha_nahar maximize the natural light ca bring in more heat energy into the building, causing more energy needed for removing these heat from the space in the building
mroyo6717 we need IoT Integrated Automated Building Systems to control and adjust the systems in the building
timojt why there is no solar panel or solar heater?
csl_96 Plant such as grass, plants, flowers, bushes and other greenery grows on the roofing material can reduce the electricity cost for HVAC system and improve air quality
lexlegion921 structure 3D printing house!
sianwei97 we can look into DIY tiny houses as residential sustainable housing
ben_2470 build the suitable internet of thing for controlling and monitoring the building
sinchancys26 the engineers, architects and designers should undergo training before design for a building
Beebee8882 not bad
zicrilhjsalam sustainable building is created for comfortable and long lasting lifestyle, not for investment
banizul but wont it too dark to study if we rely on sunlightonly
yewchiping our future generation is in our hand
sohbosco 赞赞赞
limjs0611 won't it expensive and unaffordable ?
yap.swei96 done everything, good luck!
jcyong1998 support your idea, i like it.
qinyi.lui we need a sustainable building for a sustainable lifestyle in the future
alvinloh_tm thanks for the idea
josephine_fyj for the good of our future generation
zhenyan_93 install a good and effective building management system to monitor and control the equipment in the building
tan_kianshen use energy efficient equipment
tiangmingjie agree!
sohli95 need proper planning to prevent overdesign
nikkotan1997 woww, so cool! good luck!
weiquan1228 good idea, keep it up
leeting1106 there are a lot more green technologies that can be implemented in a sustainable building to save up more energy consumption and reduce carbon emission effectively.
jackyong65 sustainable is our future
cheahching90 i like your idea
jiyi04046 agree, i always need to wear extra coats to keep myself warm when attending lecture class
jzxleong true, more and more buildings have been built recently in my area
maisarahali87 the operating cost can be lowered effectively
sitirahmah239 it's informative. thank you
wsam2310 lets transform all buildings into sustainable buildings
ramesalu_jvc good response
iftheqhar2020 i hope that i can stay in a sustainable house
syahmifatehah GOOD LUCK TO YOU!
nurulashikin.nasir 好的工程师就需要好的建筑师,双剑合璧去打造你的理想主意。
nurhuslinarosli the relevant authority should give incentive or tax reduction to those developers who support and involve in sustainable building construction
lenyongseng98 switch off all the appliances if they are not in used
waichengt sensor can help monitor the hvac and lighting in the building effectively
lin_98902 true.
sitiaida.abuhassan put a thermostat to control the air-conditioning too
ashura_peace voted for u
fshyjia In recent years, more and more professionals have been focusing on energy efficiency in a variety of industries.
nurul.sufina hope u can make it comes true
rosmalinda1 save our electricity bill and water bill
enn_0616 i prefer higher fan speed than lower room temperature
ohkuanhiong having the same though with you
wahidah.daud Totally agree with this statement: Having sustainable buildings will be the future.
phunpl reduce construction waste can reduce energy consumption effectively during the construction stage
chinyung_ong 给你一个赞
nurulain1691 i like your idea, thumbs up
atikah.wh92 build a lightwell can bring in sunlight for lighting up the room during daytime
nuratiqahhussin i wish to have 'sustainable' now than in future
syau2511 agree with you. we need to protect our planet! btw, wish you good luck
rabika_ta good luck! good article!! thanks for sharing
natashaatiqah94 Do your best! good luck!!
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lex6_mi 999 votes achieved!!
mimiaziani need the strong support from the related authority
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limzhiyi_17 In fact, the trend of sustainable building in some of the countries is growing quickly where architects and engineers are coming up with alternatives to offset the pressure on energy generation
ken.hean.93 加油。我支持你。
jasonlee_2407 The use of a non-efficient HVAC system will have a negative effect on the environment that’s long-term.
teisgood it will be the best if there is no building in this planet at all... we can just stay in a cave or on a tree, just like how our ancestor did woww.. not bad.. it seems like you have done a lot of researches on this... keep it up
kexinlow Building construction can hurt the environment, both in the short- and long-term if it is not built for sustainable and long lasting
yn.nee1208 I heard that many of the materials used in the construction of buildings nowadays are produced in a non-sustainable way. :/
seahhappy well said, nice article
mansorsoleh sustainable buildings consume fewer resources.
gnoyiew save our planet
lottlelottle fight for it!
nur.amirahj92 yea... we should start act now for the better environment for our younger generation
zatfi9 good luck, hope that you can win this contest
ariffarbain good, this article talks about the current issue straight to the point
mohdnazrulbakri we need sustainable residential condominium too
luff3 it's getting hotter and hotter
hafizadam91 we are in the energy crisis stage now
mohdazlanrahman me too, i wish to have a sustainable future for our young generation
hazique.zulkifli Sustainable building can help reduces the impact you have on the environment and the operating costs of your building.
msolehhuddin never realized this, thank you very much for the info
rojak360 Agree so much. The destruction and renovation of buildings result in a large amount of waste. So it is important for a building to last long.
shafie.s505 nice idea
mcn_1610 hope you can make this idea successfully after you graduated
hankee.y18 nice idea
zheekee_lz 我喜欢你的主意,继续加油吧!
a0135028 all the best
mirya.athirah Conventional buildings have traditionally hurt the environment and contributed to climate change over the years.
limteckwei1996 any architecture student here? we need you now
joeylxl good luck
eddielim87 I agree with you. Sustainable building has a lot of benefits
joannelee_623 this idea requires the effort from architect too
kunorfatin Sustainable building doesn’t just have a big effect on the environment – it’s also beneficial to the people working within the building as well.
laskarispelangi for me, stop any building construction project completely is the most efficient way of protecting our environment
krishna_atfw How good can a sustainable building can save our environment?
kiddycalv there's no question that sustainable buildings plays an important role in reducing carbon emission and energy consumption
hazzzamri agree, the air-conditioning should be adjusted to higher operating temperature to save electricity
adamlee_98 voted for your story, good luck
mj_521986 preserve the resources in our Earth to prevent overusing it and produce construction wastage
limjiahyee We need to educate our young generation on the necessity of saving electricity and water
jiahui9812 short, simple and direct article, nice try
limhua96 It's my 1st time heard about sustainable building.
jiyee527 no comment from me
shern_940425 I like your idea, good article
gavchai Most of the property are used for investment rather than letting people staying in there
midone01 Never heard about sustainable building. Able to gain some knowledge on this idea from the article
chaiyuchia Install solar panel to generate electricity for own use.
chunchen_night what is the different between green and sustainable building?
jsonlim2 we need sustainable future
chongweiyou Good idea from a good future engineer. Good luck
jing_kueh support your idea totally
kek940908 all the best
goheuwern install IoT to monitor the activities of electrical and water systems
pakopierre9390 glad to see a bright future engineer
cwh5796 it needs many years for the concept of sustainable building to be implemented completely
teojoanna not informative enough
chuah1994 good idea. good job
gavin_hor5409 hope this idea can educate other people on saving electricity and water as well
eugene0729 Even though we are not staying in a sustainable building, we are responsible to reduce the consumption of electricity and water ourselves. Switch or turn off the appliances or equipment when it is not in used
jonathan_chin1994 agree. thanks for the idea
memory95_0731 reduce construction waste in the building site.
cheyenne0829 A strategy for saving time and materials can lead to higher profitability and the good feeling of not creating unnecessary waste for a sustainable building .
zhengtao0404 It is true that the air-conditioning system in most of the building s are overdesigned...
xianhuey1997 Just wanted to say I like your though on sustainable building .
jacksonkong94 Sustainable homes benefit our environment and their owners.
gohyuyan2 good luck
gohyuyan2 If you want to build a sustainable house you need to Build To Last.
joon_leon94 agree, the air-conditioning in most of buildings nowadays are overdesigned
kangce94 nice reading, good luck
jcax99 use energy efficient appliances to reduce electrical consumption
goheunice101 use recycled materials for sustainable house construction
fongkimmui Orientation is important for sustainable homes.
q_popoye_p Not everyone is interested in sustainable house design
mt.chong your idea is good, keep it up
fenton.yong all the best
weipin_248 I like your idea. Good luck
ldk_1213 save our earth because there is no other planet for us anymore
yvonnedai98 reduce the wastage during the construction stage
kuanchee11 Any idea that can help you to have a check on resource use can be used for the idea of a sustainable home.
dannytse5267 Most people care about investing property rather than aware and understand the situation of our planet nowadays
choymengxian0701 it's now or never
chuohuishuen I agree with you. Decreasing carbon emissions and utilizing natural materials are important too.
sucks_tyng use renewable energy
kokyee_choong I feel the same. I support you
nikki.1201 plant more tree around the building
chunseong0816 not only electricity, we should reduce the water consumption too
jqchiang Install thermostat to monitor the temperature of the room
peiqi9458 Instead of building a large home; a smaller home with the same energy-efficient and eco-friendly construction techniques will have a smaller environmental impact.
joshuachiew7163 cool our roof to avoid the overdesigned issue
chewyeesoon rely on recycling material for the construction of building
darienyjc94 harness the geothermal power to generate electricity
ziyingw1996 go solar
yxin0119 smart and sustainable building
chenzhineng94 nice story, good luck
haziqrozi save our planet starting from now!
wanlee513 To make buildings sustainable, it has to be designed for better performance from every angle
purplish_aries we need the educate the society on the needs of having sustainable building
godzilla.kong98 there is no generally accepted standard on the sustainable building has yet been established
gwanhwa929 must show this to all the building developers
sundayduck Low energy usage, save electricity
jiaxincatherine enjoyed reading this
huimin9602 agree, sustainable building can bring a lot of benefits to the environment
arifmakmon you need advanced monitoring and Artificial Intelligence control for your design too
lshinwei96 make buildings smart and sustainable
munwai_1995 we shall keep the world clean and green
jasseng2233 It’s important projects or products that claim to be green and or sustainable actually are.
zy_508 ‘Sustainable’ is green enough that many years from now when your grandchild is sitting with his or her grandchild talking about subjects like this, your grandchild will be less worried about climate change and environmental loss than you are.
zainalafnan It speaks to an interesting point and is generally useful
insanzack A building with sustainable application may still cause pollution
wwenyee I think the biggest issue is responsibility. If resources aren’t drained and the community isn’t effected, that’s sustainable.
diongpeijing the concept addressed is general, not detailed enough
zamklm1 Plan with nature using the natural sources of light and energy would make world green and sustainable.
ayoke88 It may take more than 10 years for it to filter down to the masses.
zul_fazwan True, if we as a planetary system do not live in a fully sustainable way, then eventually the resources that we need to continue to support life on earth will run out.
yvonnekym The word 'sustainable' is almost impossible to achieve fully in practice, but it is what the word means and it is what we must aim for
vminghui1211 Good article about an important topic
yungwee45 i totally agree with the sustainable idea
sainmal007 Society must protect the planet: without the planet, the game is over.
scheetah88 nice reading
twnais97 Sustainable includes green. It is a more comprehensive approach, a matter of responsibility with the environment (green), with the society and with the economy.
sitinurathirahasmaon good idea
tankl007 Sustainable development includes the sustainable thinking about both lifestyle and culture.
zakwanbinahmad it's not gonna be worked
tan-tay C'mon guys.. the world's environmental situation has reached an alarming level.
wkw1812 All future solutions applied in the vast domain of construction and infrastructure will need to be both green and sustainable!
yapyinkuan it makes sense
charles0924 the people who as the user of buildings can make them green in real sense of the term even though it is not designed as a "sustainable" building.
thamil1684 Sustainable development including sustainable thinking about lifestyle and culture
ooiwei_y96 I think that the worsening of the world's environmental situation has reached such an alarming level that all future solutions applied in the vast domain of construction and infrastructure will need to be both green and sustainable.
rizaljabai wow, fantastic
limlyne hen the resources we are using are abundant we can sustain without green but when resources deplete and we are left with nothing, then green is the only sustainable option left with humanity.
najeeb_wan In my opinion, No planner or designer can create green cities.It is people who can make cities green or blue. Let people understand the role and importance of being green and adopt green as a way of life.
ballhunt_99 I thoroughly agree with you, I enjoyed this article very much
aliffraimy89 done voting and commenting
teejiayan go for the 1st prize
yewa0117 use electricity , water and material efficiently
werdahadnan you have a lot of good response
wongwooihoong it has to incorporate sustainable materials in their construction
clementwon sustainable building meet present day needs for housing, working environments and infrastructure without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs in times to come.
slimshadychristopher applause
vignesh.nambiar84 sustain for the future
tcloong522 great, good to see your idea
ctnursyuhada88 good
chunteck_55 more votes
shahirahnasir nice
suchristina71 creates healthy indoor environments with minimal pollutants is important
nilalohithen follow LEEDS standards
tanandrew123031 gogo, win this contest
sitisarahabdullahadi voted for you already.
cchoonteck nice reading, a little of video can be better
hjteoh999 install a rainwater harvesting system
alicefrosterhood sustainable building can help to reduce the operation costs and environmental impacts, and can increase building resiliency.
chloeeejy98 good luck, all the best :)
tajulariffin07 With the need for renewable energy sources pressing, sustainable buildings plays an important role
raetzheart Sustainable building refers to both a structure and the application of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle: from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and
stevenk3101 Focus more on increasing the efficiency of resource use
jinting1806 design for better performance from every angle.
syahrulnazmi97 building need to be green
afif_ay96 we need change now
faezf013 contribute to the society
happycalls11 be firm with your idea, contribute to the society in your future
mtaufiqali use white or lighter color paint
shanuziazli use recyclable material
faizulyaakob A lot of sensors are proposed in your idea, I don't think it really works. But the idea is good, keep it up
afifiza2010 good luck, future engineer
en.riduanhamid wish you all the best, good luck to you
mohdsafrisalim simple idea, hard to implement
zuhairmzj no comment.
nazrisukamat good idea, hope you can win
aaronazril perfect on paper, but not really in reality
hailkalerwan.he good luck
minghui_96 not informative enough, but your idea is good
m_kimra2001 It's too general. Not specific enough
chinox87 future is in our hand
ddmin_04 Prepare yourselves for this sustainable idea
haleemzariz I have voted for you. good luck
asydorastss can this be done in residential building?
mardiana35 more preferred your story
elora_low young generation, please aware and understand our environment starting from now.
scollexwong install a good building automation system can help you to monitor the activities in the building
lohzx94 have fun in this contest
anthonypoh_919 vote for this story!
jane_lhm629 idk there is a contest like this before, should try it next time
kyoko961123 building industry consumes resources the most
minzhuo_1201 use fan instead of aircond :D
leongkc138 say no to bribery, then this idea can be implemented successfully
khairelmy true, i agree with you
dave_ho92 we need good engineers and architects for our sustainable future
jason_cheng94 DONE ALL
danny_8884 thumbs up
awiyahhassan It's good not to keep this in your mind, voice up
rockorton7 let's hope this idea can be come true
azharbahrudin1807 true, most of the aircond are overdesigned
cwskimberly good luck, good work from you
weeyee_97 Nice job
chocolate_tmy Good work
syafiqah1997 Beautiful
weihanteoh I like it
tehyuesong97 This is Good!Lets support it!
mnor_94 Nice info thanks I really love
mhad5053 Keep it up.
tanz-hng Innovation of maximum usable space in minimum footprint.
amiranajeha If we all did even smallest of our share, we'll leave a much better planet for the coming generations .
laychew96 Save out Mother Earth.
m.hafiz5069 Amazing
wanjing0830 Its time for a change.
club_184 good luck
carson.kok95 hope this idea can be done in reality
izmaes87 this sustainable building requires the technical knowledge and innovative idea of engineers and architect, as well as the collaboration between these parties
keechin95 Love!
hafiz5056 interesting
weejolinda agree with your idea :D
engjun_tan Hope u can win :)
teh.general do you think this idea can reduce carbon footprint?
michellesoin Very inspiring.
din9007 ubah!!!
jia9696 good luck!!
harmizie_asfi automated sustainable building?
juki1907 Vote~
hanafiah11 Cool ideas
hazirahmohdkamel hope you can win the huawei mate 10
ely45chan all the best <3
saiyuki412 Have you join ASHRAE?
sweechyinwong hope you win in this great platform
aldalyy wow, good luck
sahanisah.ibrahim For me, I think it's applicable in commercial building, but not in residential building
jingjinglee100 Hi, i'm architecture student. Maybe we can collaborate together to work on this idea in the future one day
sian_jie plant more trees :0
nadine.abas good judgment
vivishuan put up solar panel
eggmun123 a small fact here, air cond uses 70% of electricity required in the building
lovelyyin37 provide a good indoor environmental quality
bettysiah97 thumbs up for your idea
jo95anne All the best.
pus7pus support sustainable building!
cocolee9703 protect our planet
chongjiaai nice story, hope u can win :)
yiwenlim97 waaa... a lot of sensors are needed to be installed
joycelyn_chew it needs constantly monitoring to make sure these equipment are functioning properly at all time
boonsian94 with the rapid growth in technological change, i think it is possible to be successful in one day
crazy5298 excellent. good job
chaiwei96 Yupp, preserve the resources that are available for the future
gabriellemiekayla Nice, nice idea. Keep it up and good luck
bingwen_tan the sustainable building rarely given high priority in the construction industry
cullieng good luck
nathynie Good article, good though, good luck
vwenyan government should encourage these kind of constructions by providing benefits to these sustainable building developers
audrey_0423 you need a good project manager to monitor the construction project so that it won't become a jerry-building
kynki77 not bad though
wanjoe1125 no comment
wpeng0317 nice, hat off
cubic9212 good attitude!
shiaulinggoh it's not fabulous, but i would say it's good
jiaxin.peace yup, save energy can save electrical bill too
jingying271 switch off the light if there is no one in the room
lingling_0408 hope you can become a good engineer in the future to contribute to the society and environment
yongkahloo 希望你能赢,加油。
rathapuvanes all the best and good luck to you. :D
carsonalive there are too many buildings and cars in our country. as a result, more and more wastage and dust are created
faqmgts_waihow for me, it's quite normal, nothing special
santsahabat reduce the air cond usage
vhariveen use recycled material for the building construction
azizulhafizabaziz hope u really can contribute to this society using the knowledge u gain from uni
edwardgsc lets try once................
summergan21 Save nature
limflorence Let's help make our world a better world...
lanceming Innovative
cheestlai Creative :)
jhkum_83 Let's try this!
jhkum_83 Great
jiahong706 good idea for save earth
karenksl Might use a few of these!! Great ideas!
leeseng5547 Good
honey2512 Superb Ideas......
jenifergeoksing A small effort can bring a big change
purple_feeling Mean it and do it....
f_ridsal Technology some time works even better then we can think....
laiwailoon804 Great.
kevinlaitjenhan For a Greener Planet
moore.julie.14 For a healthy environment..
spidykudz04 Great creativity
koongwengyee Awesome ideas..
sikei_1990 seriously! its time!!
jjhohjunjye I liked it :)
fatinnajwa23 What an idea !!!
simun_sony Pass it on guys....
ernie.azwa Lets make it happen!
shyanhau92 Think about it
sigmax Very useful......
ken_loh95 no comment :) good luck to you.
jiahui_25 awesome thinking
fiqri86 Very useful information
yuxuanfong Sustainable :)
qi_hann is green building the same thing as sustainable building?
debiedevisser629 Yes.. This is the need of today..
mingliang04041997 well said, good luck.
huishengng81 Let's do this and enlighten others to do so too!
kimjay1997_haha LOGICAL
danial.ahia Amazing
nagasteven Way to look at things....go eco friendly.....
kexinchun Woowwww this is awesome...if we could do one among them...
leefun.chow Wise thinking
mionfai Innovative ideas
wyewyefong Useful
yamada_miko Brilliant.....
alvinlim0926 a sustainable building does not only provide energy saving, but also give the best environmental experience
chanmf To live a eco friendly life and spread the awareness..
ylew 欣赏你的注意
suisui_ying Start doing it today...
ht_chan84 What an idea!
mun97lee good luck, go for it, good job
shb1029 Nice sharing
harvester_lee not bad, 不错
srui1219 very creative
mengkuanglee Must read!!!!
keatyinlee That's a post to love ...:Dvery good..
ojyutar The Way for Living :D
leechuzen Our future can be very sustainable!!!!
csheng1995 The Greatest Threat To our Planet is The thought That Someone Else Will save It.
tianxinkoet LET'S MAKE A CHANGE
zhiyong19 Wow Great !!!
garykhoo97 Let's take a step towards saving Earth
aquatic_lzx23 Everyone has the ability to make a change and become part of the solution!
syazimra This is the real meaning of GoGreen and Sustainable Design...
jasonwei234 Really appreciate your effort to transform these ideas into a brilliant narrative to spread the cause!
quanster96 Sustainable society and future
bkeat1993 Every aspect of our lives has an impact.
tembikaiais1995 Sustainability is a attitude to acquire.. Beautifully depicted...
karkartan true, it is uncomfortable when entering those buildings with overdesigned air-cond
bqin95 good luck my friend
lklin_95 nice , good luck to you.
tan_yee_teng 好棒棒,加油
esther1128 wish u all the best in this contest and good luck
jiaqi325 i like this idea
sindy_951214 你的主意蛮不错的。
ssiconnie cerita yang menarik
debbiegqe_95 Good story! Good idea!
ctjajakun good story.
ni687i28 nice to see that there is a future engineer willing to care about the sustainable future
bryanjinwen Sustainable engineering as the new fashion statement...
wenwenCatherine94 How Engineering can help shape a better world ????
chongzh Some basic ideas for sustainable building
changwooikai Right to the point.
yjcheong Really these are some nice and easy ideas that anyone can follow
chanroy361 Pass it on guys....
brenda_950726 Implement at least one...
amjadpauzi Please adopt it
peyee-belle The Way for Living :D
nurfarhanaain64 So true
ay970217 Classic. go sustainable
shanny.yu97 Be unique<3
shukuri1003 Best
danielwgx Very good work.
wfbdri What a fun idea!
vivienpung Keep up the Good Work....
yeochiatoh Great post! What you put attention on grows so when we pay attention to the environment, let's focus on the things we want to grow. :)
arhtek1997 Keep reaching higher!
falixtay Inspiring work
chiahin97 Vry good apprch
yuemin0106 Super cool .. Also would love to share my concept which I have been working on making it happen
sweet_925 Amazing!
lawdtoh Great work..
tty1995 awesome work!
sabrina_lmz75 Superb!
carmen12_c Brilliant
yqi.1127 indeed its awesome :D
jacklau2010 Amazing... Wow
lawyewchyn Go green Go green....go green
iancjh Dare to be different. The world is full of the ordinary
dhiveshmessi Has to be practically implemented in large numbers
yeongpekyi97 Love this one!
brandonistheman123 Brilliant Stuff. :)
serge_jen Interesting
kelvintsb Fantastic! :)
lhz1125 Let's build the movement
andrew.lai87 Really appreciate your effort , spread the cause!
fallingstars_yongsheng It's so good
kahfei_loh Awesomeness :)
c.wx1997 superb thought something that u really inspired
exroychong1995 Enjoyed the story... Excellent concept <3
bcmanu Absolutely brilliant !
hope4896 Well explained... Point noted..
rajansubramaniam To a better future
ong_weijian good design
stahn263 love this sharing
chung.peisi Good luck
chuliang615 This will be the building design one day
khaifong007 Cool!
simhongyi Informative
nazir_aziz nice, good
jeremychang605 is there any way to get your contact?
ginatanyl good story, keep it up :D
chubbylady86 thanks for sharing your idea, lets hope that the government from every country can take some actions to save our environment
fahmi_mfbr done voting, good luck
tklim_1026 Your story is nice and good.
fatimah_thahirah keep it up, good luck :)
renawong_15 thumbs up, brilliant idea, but it's hard to be done
steffi-chuah amazing story, nice read.
davidsee1 Good idea, nice story!
c_meifeng81 Amazing... Keep it up...
erzariesz that's pretty awesome
andy_yci you really deserve to win
tanchialei94 done voting. good luck
ymoon8888 good
charliechew97 good
kaijit_0723 good
raymietjy woww, a lot of comments
nareshnaresh763 wish u good luck!
mohdsalehuddin artikel yang menarik
max.wai woww, go for it.
yuklun1990 very good, nice reading
mingkerk 已赞,不用谢了
ugant72 No comment
zdsham great!
aihuihui0116 save our beloved earth
jyefantasy good... hope u can win
theresa923 now or never
mingrentey wish you all the best in this contest
kazwan00 semoga kamu menang.
sharinafatin Bagus!
gohlamsoon i think your idea is good
dingjoon1987 behpai o...
hooswan21 加油加油加油
ken_551 帮你赞了
siatohpoh good idea!!
shirleywongkf win!!
thengkaikeng wish u good luck :)
farahsalha_91 HUAWEI please let my friend win
kengkai96 love this story
andrew_tys all the best
mao9182 future design
yauyanglim good luck girl!
Suki041197 Cool sustainable ideas
kailun_3 Awesome job!
lzyuan87 Interesting...
shaocong96 All the best! :)
joeyng98 cool idea
kean.chiew easy steps to greener environment
alvintjx96 fascinating
wsiongteoh 加油
hkuang97 implement this in Singapore :p
hsuhern1997 who cares about it? i care!
weijia95 nice one, good luck.
estherchan80 good thing
riz.azharul good sharing!
limwailek i like your thought
arbayahr all right... good thought...
sarah_alina97 done all
najjwabaser be happy
yuanqiao_nick woooow
ngbhong1 true
muhdfaiz92 not very creative, but well said
henglim5122 everyone can save the world
njs96 really good story
ongwenjing good story!
rc960903 no comment
luiwanying I agree, u are right
junichichuah idea is good.
timhee96 yea, it should be in practice
yinxuan0815 does it work?
haozhe1997 go for it.
eugeneteh333 nice thought!!!
dogncat.hoo happy living, good idea.
chuan9703 won't it too expensive to be implemented
chuan9703 The government should enforce these in the standard
missivo totally agree
zhenzei these should be implemented in our building industry
xingyi_6920 Good work!
edz_edzrina97 Good sir, very nice story indeed..
kingwong6937 may you win!
chencheekin96 Good luck to you, thanks for your good idea you are good
ajalinu wish you all the best
ashley_huimin nice one
azreenaalfian Good luck, may you win!
azuan.afendi very nice writing..
asrifshukor you will win!!!
azmenzara very nice, man
aunijalilah wowww, very nice idea...
amirulmhdkasim90 very splendid idea!
adm.ikhwan Good one, great idea haha
bb88yuan everything is done..
zucryn All the best..
thethoughtprocess23 This is A good idea.
kenneth_tws Great intimation good suggestion
melvinchan100 All the best, good day!
i_fiez nice one, all the best.
aminharon96 yup, its really good to the environment and society.
rajaie_has nice solution.
anisadila_2010 Best story!
swat_miro Good day, nice one!
thertze97 pretty good
wan980325 nice.
lovelyred1710 good
coasterham awesome
kelenchiang good idea.
junjun9966 love your ideas!
Agneslky97 impressive
poikeat97 wow
wanwen1995 hope u can win
keithchoong_12 good luck
gaoguainanhai for our future generation
zhiyingcheong cool
ck_syazwani Done everything. Voted and commented here.
ccy.word good
babe_fire nice reading
j42zy27 dont ignore this serious issue
radzi585 my gosh..
nurul_4ever6492 done all
alyes2288 DONE ALL
alexlim.s.y Good idea. Keep it up
jingying8821 完成~
sukteng95 good luck
jian_peng_94 wowww
leecc_nmsb nice
xiozen_026 不错的文章
wan_yen866 well said
amyraanuar Goooooooodd...
rosmalinaruslan good article.
froggy1995 keep it up
junedadwong 完成投票与评论。。
huixiin wow... good luck to you.
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yufei97 完成
sunnygirl_wsw Done
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vinoothinytamilchelvan Voted and commented.
saypeng97 Maybe it's a bit too technical for me. But anyway, good luck to you.
hishamabdulhishamabdul I believe that Green Building procurement method will be more advance and become a trend in the future, and hope your concepts can be adopted in the coming few years. Good Luck!
yiheng46 再接再厉
junyaw96 ????加油????
ssjieting i like your idea..
sheryn1314 nice try.
grace651088 hope you can be a successful engineer in future time.
srongy1203 Good. Go for it.
jason0116 ok. not bad
shing98 save our earth
y_hui94 Gogogogogo
chiawei628 Good...
rayvadee42 nice article
yenzhang95 a nice read article
jiawen_2007 好主意,希望你能赢。
tiewcheehau5257 加油哦!
kent7298 不错嘛。。。
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zhaoying_0608 all the best to you in this contest
puimun0601 nice
chenyue.cne well, more efforts should be done by us to protect our earth.
lolyfish good
yapjinnghui protect the earth
douglas_lengzai 好主意
winken95 no second Earth
limshiawjong reduce the amount of direct sunlight helps to reduce the amount of heat gain in the room
ziyi66777 increase the conditioned temperature can help to reduce a lot of energy consumption
kevinapple9770 not bad
khaixiang94 ok
yowjingni Wowww...
Khengqi Hope you can make contribution to our environment.
shijie1406 不错,为你鼓掌。
kchyi09 Done everything. Voted and commented.
wing_limao jia you
dominicsohcy all the best
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gong751 wow, a lot of positive comments!
wangi96 let's join the eco competition :)
Gohzhengqing Had fun reading this
Deniseow2010 all the best in your future journey
kaiwen_95 dream big
korlin.tiang good!
chuansim1412 very interesting!
ganchoonkei good~
shihaoyong88 awesome job :)
teohruthing1996 all the best!
sikei0922 very good idea
thorwinwin All the best!
elvan.jt support support
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Alexanderyeoh1995 cool ideas
qingyiseh green building idea is good
poneystark good luck!
yauzy_98 nice explanation
yieliang916 simple
huishu0817 good reference
bladebrave98 easy and understandable
jengken98 good contents
xinyee9705 good information!
laiwengsing support!
seeyuan2580 applicable for every building
ncsl1203 our future
lawzx99 wow this is good
Tongfong94 You are always the best!
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jinghui0826 fighting~!
chankit0714 fantastic
i_mblurr support support my friend
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yunroulim reduce global warming is important
chiazheng98 go green!
bokch97 awesome ideas
dennis-kueh Hope you can win!
chloezoe love this idea
jiayun9930 good luck
yongngching Reduce carbon footprint!
wenhan960607 hope you can win the grand prize
mingyaupua have a successful future
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xqgoh9811 reserve for the future
jiaxin1102 save the future
calebsing good luck
mcmickeychong together to improve the future
kenny.wee preserve the past
danielosl94 proud of u
peishan_cps green world for the future
jiayilooi agree
justcc95 love love
Chongzhenrong wow
siowjiayie good luck
jonah.pzh hope you become a good engineer
yapjinnghui304 good ideas
woojiale185 save the eartg
jianqi1998 nice.
christaxiang1995 fantastic!
weikentwk_dawn wow~
shaginnraajdurai Very practical
limjinhow All the best!
lingwan98 good luck.
killer930776 good luck.
xtchoo good luck to you.
zxlum98 It's inspiring me.
zicheeyap17 Good luck to you ya.
xuanyee99 Hope you can win this contest!
lgsaeranosho reducing energy consumption manually can help to solve this climate change issue too.
dhurgaknthan energy saving
collylua I like this idea.
YUPINGWONG216 gambateh!!
tan.jy1023 climate change is getting serious
ilovedigimon2009 no more wastage
levashini03 From my point of view, construction waste is the major prob.
qixiangng0824 reduce the construction waste is important too
seowboy96 there is no planet B!
ngxinyee99 a lot of sensors are proposed to be installed in the building
VeddVLHS are u an engineering student?
oldsnake59555 no passive design?
namsungod u can add solar hot water system too...
peiting_97 there is no second earth
anglisiang save the earth
pehweihao green building...
tansenghou1996 wow. good luck to u.
zhenhong9033 all the best!
heng971024 Good luck!!
mamamiya97 good~
laikarkei9 awesome
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ferancistai Hope you are the lucky one
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x-huiting Really got a good concept of the construction industry
jingqiao789 All the best dear!
deonwei Best top 10 I have read, very practical
laujunke1994 Excellent!
tienzx1018 <3
jaciekoe Remarkable explanation
jasminechin3676 well done
tehyuhan all the best in your future
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Liveforu1234 awesome job
projye I trust that u can win!
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chinyx_97 I buy this idea
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weilunkong eye opening
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Sying981 very good!
yingshinwee all the best
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boon2teo true, this world need to be more sustainable
hwhwh6583 Fighting
honmunlum Win!
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sumilan.mogan very good job!
Springszh96 good ideas
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wanjia1997 hope for the future...
quahkt7 Very different thinking from others
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wongjoyee1997 story that hit me
t.k.ling0214 Should be implemented in every country
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noraishahmydin good luck.
ainamir29 very good
atiqahmohdidris26 we need to change
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yuslyanay be a responsible engineer in the future
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nur.ct.khadijah96 good night reading this
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chingyi9625 we only have one earth, go for sustainable buildings
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amirrosyadie69 our future life
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weithienchia we can't live without sustainable technology in the future
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