Technology is our life for better education and better tecnology

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Can all of us imagine how our life without technology? Without technology, can we still connected to each other, right now? No, definitely.. Technology and education are related to each other. Both of them are complementary to each other. That's why I choose the title and theme. How technology can be produced without education? How education can be delivered without technology? Of course, both are necessary in our daily life. First, from education, technology can be produced and second, from these technology, education can be delivered more effectively. Both are connected to each other like us connected to each other in life.Thus, lets together make the changes by use the technology wisely and develop new technology that can make our education more realistic and informatic. From these education base, surely, more and more new technology will be developed to make us stay connected to each other. Lets become part of technology and contribute more and more for our new technology. New technology, new style of education, exactly. Last but not least, lets appreciate what we have right now in our technology!


winzosiarap nice
banowati perfect story
syafiq good story
fasmida good
wanhamat love it
sidiahmad yes
yaakub agree
sabariah yes, it's true
suhada yes, exactly true
nhutuyen606 i agree with your story!i hope you will win because your word is original one!
muhammadtaufiq1188 agreed!
maisarah.hanafi i agree with you
ilyas.niji95 i love your story
hoanganhtung1993 amazing story
ericleedl it's true
red_m28 correct, i agree
nurul_aidanusairah interesting!and i get excited with these!
nurainborhan i love your story!
mamohak yes, me too!my thought is similar to you!
moeliya This story make me want to study well and one day, i will create new technology!
asmazini Technology is our life for better education and better tecnology!correct!
mnaqid beatiful word!education and technology!
malehsann you're correct
fatilah.mohamad yes!
nur30012 correct!
nur122427 yes, it's true
nor134037 how amazing right!education and technology are good matching
nur7720 best one,seriously
tanima amazing
khalidsamsudin true
esyaheera i agreed
sitizailani yes, i also could not imagine if our world without education and technology,
s.nzulkepli best one
siti147775 yes, it's true and amazing
amir82537 clever girl!your idea is the better among others!
shafiinna exactly, the best one
muhammad_380028 the winner are your story! the original one!
siti18282 your story is amazing!
adazli love it!
siti18281 yes, true!
najanah you make me excited to study and study, hehe, thanks
adzha93 your story is quite interesting and i love it!
putrinoredayu94 yes, it's correct!
putri_honey94 wow, amazing. The best one!
sya_hierah94 yay, new technology developed by education and from this education, more technology will be developed.
elyacutepiee education and technology are the best matching!
syazalyana11 yes!your story is totally true
aidilsyawal94 Excellent point!
azie.farhana I agreed with your story!
aditsyawal94 nice!good!perfect!
nhasrienaa yes, hope, more new technology will be developed with our education!GO!
wanisyazwanimazlan perfect!
syazwanimazlan9449 marvelloues idea!good!
farahinkarim i agreed! your story is good!
nb.norazam i love your story!
faizatulshahira that's true. education technology=new technology!
maddahkd yeah!agreed with you
hanaizham7 Nice
nurul_azam94 good and nice story!
eirasupardi10 Nice!
farahzulkafli_95 Love the story!
aqish0307 good story!
nur74480 yes, I agreed!
snsaufe super great story!
nadik yes, you are and technology are really connected!
siti131368 i love ur story, good idea and keep it up!
nuraisyah.hilmi So good, from today, I will focus for my study for the sake of new technology in the future :-)
norahusna Thanks for your story..make me more excited to study for new technology in the future
wnoremeyh I really love what u said..i love technology and education
nur608657 yes, exactly true what you say..from education, new technology developed and more and more :-)
wnoraliah I love this story..yes, technology start with education and from these education, new technology developed and developed again
christinerotsaert123 nice
ayumi_swetty I like it
Lizaqis03786 I like
roslina_sa Nowaday technology is important to our life.
roslina_sa I love this story....
roslina_sa I love this story....
Lizaqis03786 I agree...good story..
roslina_sa I agree with your opinions. That a good story..
adamadeeqiman Yes, technology was formed from education. And education developed another new technology. Both are connected each other. Good story!
adamadeeqiman Yes, good information. Good job.
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