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Child Abuse

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Hi, my name is Izati. Here is my opinion about how technology can bring about a better connected future. Some parents have to works longer in day time and decided to send their child to nursery. And yet, child abuse is a very common cases happen in today life. How can the parents ensure their child is in a safe zone of abusing? In my opinion, it is good to have technology access to the nursery. Example, automatic CCTV system. A system that capture the nursery activities from time to time and automatically sent to the parents phone. Comes together with the emergency application which alerts the police if child abuse does happen. Thus, parents and police can save the child just at the right time. From being called to court and subjected to legal action, babysitters will be more careful and disciplined in handling the nursery. The technology really makes the babysitter to be more aware, the child in more safer zone and reducing the numbers of child abuse cases at once.


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