Life is sacred.Life is worthy.

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A teenager sits on the rooftop of a building wondering how to proceed with life.He feels as though all hope is lost and there is only one option left.Death. Now imagine a future where this doesn't happen at all.Can you?With the help of technology and the wider community,i believe this future is possible.Now imagine if there a device that could pick up on the teenager's emotional state and mental state and if the teenager started having even the slightly suicidal thoughts or feeling depressed then an alert could be sent to the teenager's parents and also a professional therapist so intervention could happen before the situation got any worse.But as they say prevention is better than cure so let's take it one step future with a device that could not only prevent it from happening but altogether getting rid of such thoughts/emotions by being able to predict if anyone is going to have such thoughts and sending an alert so a professional could step in and deal with the issue by providing an avenue to talk before it snowballed and got out of hand. That's my ideal future.A future where no life is unworthy.A future where technology and community work hand in hand.A future where life prevails.Can you imagine such a future?I can! I chose this particular title as it reminds me(and everyone who reads this) that all life is worth living no matter how one may feel or be perceived at a given moment.As someone who suffered from depression this matter is close to my heart and i feel it best fits into the community theme as the community(parents,friends,neighbours even our leaders) can make a huge difference in how our children view themselves and what they do when faced with challenges.


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christinerotsaert123 nice article, but personally ithink there is less suicide rate among the young or the elderly. there is high suicide rate among age group who are entering retirement transition.
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