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Hi, I'm Jayyong On first, please be patient to have a view on my story, it’s related to shortsighted (myopia) patient. As a shortsighted person, I will like this technology era able to bring over Smart glasses to shortsighted patient. It sounds like able to do what things and that as what in movie if you heart smart glasses, but inversely that mission still far and not the one I mean now. The Smart glasses should have first to allow auto suit the power of shortsighted patient. Current we wear with heavy glasses and it takes uncomforted to the person if the patient has 600 degree or even more. Some more the higher degree of power, the width, price, and frame bring troubles. Even though there has contact lenses right now, but there is not right to use it all the day and it cost expensive if for long term use. Smart glasses bring the hope to patient, and so with built in of camera if possible. It also with the function to allow smart glasses to be wear for swimming. I do believe for those who has same situation would like it and hope for technology to bring convenient and easy to us in future. Let’s cheer for that day Thank you. 谢谢


xd_jeffreyng Bravo!
nsc.65 Hope it works, and have Long-sighted, Astigmatism, and Presbyopia too
cchai.65 I recall my words, I do agreed this is smart and nothing is impossible
bilalshafique994 this is really smart
bdragon955 anyway, nothings impossible. Keep it up
bdragon955 Sounds good
bilalshafique994 haha keep it up
cchai.65 smart glasses? do really can make it?
cchai.65 smart glasses? do really can make it?
cchai.65 smart glasses? do really can make it?
christinerotsaert123 sounds fun : )
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