Safe City
“Snap to Report” with Huawei Smartphone

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How to make the safe city and better community with Huawei Smartphone? It is always a challenge to reporting an incident though phone call, which consume time to describe the detail of incident, location and so on. “Snap to Report” apps in Huawei Smartphone will help to simplify the incident reporting – While observed the incident (e.g Fire/Accident/illegal parking/Water leakage......), just snap the photo (/Video) with metadata (GPS location, compass direction, time......) through LEICA Dual Camera 2.0 Pro of Huawei P10 Plus. Then the apps in Huawei phone will process the image (/Video) analytic on it (e.g. fire/accident/illegal parking/Water leakage……) and then directly send the photo (/Video) to nearby related department (e.g. fire department/ambulance/police station......). If there is more than 1 user report the same incident, the trilateration analysis will be done based on GPS coordinates and compass directions of the photo metadata to get the exact location. For some incident (e.g. car block), the image analytic on car plate number and then link the car owner name, contact, etc based on big data and trigger the car owner to adjust his car (or after certain duration, if the car owner fail to do so, it will send the police traffic to issue traffic offences/violation)


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