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Neglected no More.

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Title: Neglected no More! Theme: Safe City As we striving our life and moving forward, a smartphone companion with variable functions nevertheless is compulsory in everyday's routine. From as simple as an alarm for a good morning wakeup, to as complicated as business use. That, as said, including busy parents that lived in the busiest city. Getting caught in-between urgent text from work and walking with your kids in the park or in the mall can be harsh and risky. Bad things can happen in seconds, to your child, at the moment an attempt to reply ght very simple text.. If, there is a smartphones, with a built-in apps and fucntions connecting it to a compatible mini device that can be put in your child's pocket. The device might act as - GPS, as the to determined the exact distance and whereabout - Alarm and vibration, possibility to triggered at any distances preferred, let's say, more than 2m between smartphone and designated device, as an example. *This might also triggered the other device to be in alarm mode, of which have to manually activated from smartphone, if, the parent are very sure can't find their kids after awhile. - Connected device might also have multiple sharing functions, with similar model, and access by granted. - Additional safety features, like mini-screen showing emergency numbers. As much as we aware that spending time with our child is important, we just can't put aside the facts that smartphones got their impotency too. Stay connected with work, with the social world, and with the great family in one time. The true meaning of getting connected.


hwangchai not bad. goodluck
themaxman Seems possible. Goodluck bro.
qayyum.azman The Main Idea is that parents can reply text or maybe take a quick look at phones during their time with kids, in public, with less worries. :)
christinerotsaert123 good
qayyum.azman Let's drop some comment and vote guys. :)Thanks~