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As a nurse educator, I have been training and teaching future nurses. Without the necessary theories, skills and scientific knowledge, one cannot provide safe, effective and quality nursing care. Moreover, healthcare in the Philippines are becoming less accessible to everyone, along with healthcare worker shaming on social media platforms which affects our integrity as a professional. My ideal technological future in the world is combining healthcare, education and technology to be able to practice the full extent of our education and training. An accessible and student/teacher-friendly scientific e-library, e-books, simulations, journals, and an interactive app. to provide several activities which can easily be synced with the students' smartphones similar to CAQ (create a quiz app. on android playstore), apps. to locate nearby hospitals esp. government hospital/ health centers/ lying in clinics/ ambulance/ Philippine Red Cross, safety tips/ basic first aid (based on reputable scientific resources), personal data sheets similar to patient's chart (emergency contact person, family doctor, allergies to food or meds., blood type, current/chronic illnesses or diseases such as hypertension, DM, genetic disorders, list of maintenance medications and their dosages religion/ethnicity, or other special considerations that are needed to be addressed upon), owner should also be able to upload his latest laboratory results such as chest xray, cbc, ecg, ultrasound etc. so the contact person who will be receiving them will be able to show it to the attending physician. This then also allows us healthcare worker to save time and intervene immediately. Since time is very vital esp. in case of emergency, a few min. delay in treatment can cost one's life. And lastly a built-in app. to block or filter fake news and healthcare worker shaming which is becoming a trend nowadays. In a place where science and technology is emerging nothing is impossible :)


marilesq2012 great idea!!!!! Amazing story.
christinerotsaert123 excellent
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