A Hassle-Free Checkup Experience

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The well-being of our family and friends as well as our own health are among the highest priorities in our lives. However, cancer is often only diagnosed when the tumor is already at an advanced stage. Cancer often spreads without noticeable symptoms just like what happened to my mom when a visit to her dentist three years ago turned into a horrific discovery that she has a rare type of cancer. Early diagnosis can increase the chances of successful treatment and can even prevent an outbreak in the early stages. Depending on the type of disease, there are many ways to detect malignant changes at an early stage. An examination with a physician can often help. However, people have to be aware of these possibilities and be prepared to undergo an examination even if they feel perfectly healthy! Currently, the process of having a checkup is somewhat confusing. With mobile application developers creativity, I hope they’ll aim to discover new ways of having an ongoing, hassle-free checkup experience for everyone. Help people learn to get motivated in taking the step towards cancer checkups autonomously. Encourage them to examine and prepare themselves at home in addition to visiting a physician. Teach people how to overcome obstacles that prevent them from making an appointment with their physician. And ensure the technology they created can help stimulate regular checkups. What I love to win : I’d love to win the Huawei Mate 10 because I want my mom to lead a new normal life with her new phone. Preoccupy herself by getting online to read inspirational articles of cancer survivors like her and know where to turn for support when she needs it can make her cancer journey much smoother.


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