Auto Focus Glasses

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Eyes is a god-given gift for humans. The camera technology that exists in the world basically mimics what our eyes do. But not everyone can feel a clear vision. They should look through the lens to get clear vision. But this is not much help for those who have Astigmatism eyes, they should use 2 pieces of lens in each of the left and right eyes. Use 2 lens in single glasses is complicated because user need to set the right lens for the object to be seen, also the appearance of glasses was not good to look at. Because of that I thought about creating a tool that can help anyone with problems with his eyes in order to see the world more clearly. The glasses I designed are different from the most glasses which use glass, my glasses design have a rubber lens with fluid inside which will adjust to be a plus and minus lenses according to the object user seen. Two low-power cameras to track eye movements, the Auto Focus laser sensor will point to objects user see based on data obtained from the camera. This data is then processed by the processor and then determine the electromagnet on the tube that must be active. This electromagnet pulling valve inside the tube for pump or draw water from the lens to focus the eye exactly on the object you want to see. With low power batteries that are harmless for user and can last up to a week, I'm sure these glasses will really help whoever uses them.


bdragon955 This is beneficial for us who have eye problems
bdragon955 brilliant
christinerotsaert123 Excellent
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