The Golden Era of Healthcare through Technological Innovation

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These days, the demand for greater health has been a priority across different age sectors. While children, adolescents and adults view health as a significant factor in maximizing their potential to meet their activities for daily living, we cannot deny the fact that also through technological advancement, the sector of healthcare greatly improves over the years. From monochromatic ultrasound to a highly-specialized computed tomography which can help medical pratictioners create a differential diagnosis can best illustrate such technological advancement. Likewise, integration of various special sensors in a smartphone or tablet-PC that can detect an individuals oxygen saturation and pulse rate or how much calories were burned during a 15-30minutes walk and real-time weather-enabled forecast apps to help individuals be prepared to bring rainy or sunny gears were just once an idea that now become a reality through the help of technology. In terms of envisioning the future of health sector with technological aid, I imagine that one day, smartphones LED can be used to identify different veins necessary for venipuncture other than vein scanner to facilitate intravenous access. Furthermore, a fingerprint scanner to detect a patients blood type non-invasively or a special feature of dual-camera's that can act as portable xray in emergency situations to help medical respondents triage a certain cases can significantly improve health practioners like me. Finally, a sensor that can portray a person's ECG tracing via LCD/Amoled panel of the phone to track an impending heart attack should also be considered. Indeed, these things might be futuristic, but who knows, today's dream may be a reality by tomorrow. To sum it up, while technology has been enjoyed by other sectors accordingly, (community, transportation or education), healthcare will always be part of technology's priority. Thus, innovating continuously to be beneficial for humanity. P.S. The huawei smartphone that I want this christmas or hopefully, a gift for my upcoming birthday this November 22, is the Huawei Mate 10 Pro - A one of a kind smartphone. Simple yet Incredibly Intelligent. Thanks Huawei In advance. Hope this could be an early gift for my upcoming birthday, November 22. God bless.


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