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As a millenial i’ve considered myself gadget addict. Always updated with the technology. I can say that most of us cannot live without our gadgets. For education, i think the gadgets must have an easy or it automatically provides dictionary or educational reading apps because i believe that every single moment we’re fond of checking our phones. I know that there will always be a time for reading. For healthcare, cellphones do have healthcare companions nowadays but i believe it’s not really accurate. I suggest that cellphones must have that scanner like infrared to detect or check whether we are physically fit or we need to have medical assistance. Also the ambulance sound feature incase of emergency with sos number to call for emergency. Lastly daily monitoring of our heartbeat, bloodsugar and etc by the use of our palm only or eyes, with the technology today i must say it’s possible. For transportation, cellphones must have the features like the beep card which is an easy access to lrt, mrt and buses which is loadable everywhere just like loading from telecoms. For safety, just like in health it should have a police siren sound incase of danger and it should have emergency contact no. That it would contact directly and asap in case of emergency. For community, i think easy access thru everything, easy connecting with other people because i believe that nowadays gadget is the heart of every people. It’s a fact that we can’t live without it. With these features i must say that the community would buy this 100%.


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