Safe City
Earth 2.0

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My ideal version of a technological advancement in the future would be a device that would help us humans maintain our flora, the plants around us have been around this planet long before we exist and it is one of the reasons why Earth is considered a living & habitable planet. We must take care of them since it still not too late, vertical farming had been already suggested to be the answer of the growing & populated cities but to add more I visualise a breakthrough technology that would allow plants to grow over the vast oceans that we have, this planet has a huge space occupied by salt water, that vast space should not be wasted rather a technology in the future would be a tool in building large land expansion to the vast oceans in the world creating structures on top of the waters to support additional plants to grow and thrive, it would be designed not to block the ocean and the creatures below it who also needs the power of the sun but rather to both benefit both below and above with the solar energy. Soon we will also have floating cities this is just also an added feature a floating forest would do, a floating farm, and a floating rice field as well. In this vision of mine I would want the future to still be Earth-like and not an alien world for us, we do not need to change or make modifications on what nature have given us all we need is to develop and let nature thrive even our technology would be so advanced in the future for us to still have a safe food, a safe air, a safe home, a safe city, and a safe planet to live in.


christinerotsaert123 what a lovely idea
kian_les2008 :)
marilesq2012 good
bdragon955 Good idea btw.
bdragon955 technological advencement should also be for the protection of our mother earth , not just for monetary purposes