Safe City
Technology for a Better City Environment

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I chose this title and theme because I believe that everyone deserves to live in a safe environment. Criminal is going rampant nowadays in city areas. Most of the offenders can't be traced by the authorities because of lack of proof and information. Criminals are getting 'better' each day! --------- More people are living in cities nowadays in search for better living standards, financial prosperity and health. This also brings challenges to a city's infrastructure, security, resources, as well as emergency response system. The success of a city depends on how critical these challenges are met. By using technology, things are done more efficiently. For example, in terms of emergency, we often see theft happened in shops or malls and crooks are getting 'more creative'. They robbed fast and sometimes shopowners do not have the ample time to ring the police or security. By the time the police arrived, the burglars may have been far away from the shop. With the instalment of surveillance cameras around the malls and city areas, and better communication applications on computers and smartphones, the burglars can be easily traced, and the police are able to relay information between each other (those who are on duty) on the go. Offenders can be easily arrested while they are still nearby. Another use of surveillance cameras is to monitor the city's conditions, such as traffic conditions, abandoned buildings, or even rubbish control. By monitoring videos from different parts of the city, the city municipal can study on problems faced by a city and its dwellers, and how to improve the city conditions by working together with government agencies or NGOs.


christinerotsaert123 get the criminals, at the same time do not sacrifice our privacy
bdragon955 But this is good. Keep it up
bdragon955 This is good but I just have a little concern abut personal privacy