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I've started thinking about how we will make our future cities already. I know that in order for the future cities to be a success, we will need to be able to create an intricate system that will supposedly support our design for the city. Some of the things that I can list from the top of my head for the future city are quite obvious, but once we begin to work with Simulation City on the computer, our progress will depend on how we build our city, and there, we will begin to learn how to make one and learn from mistakes that would not have been as easily seen in the beginning. Our system will need to have a way of delivering electricity into the city, a plumbing system to deliver and retract water and waste, businesses that will be able to support jobs, a road and highway system in and out of the city, a fire department, a hospital, a police department and basically everything else that a working community needs, as well as houses.Our health , Our City and Our Future...


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