Safe City
Alarm and Access At Our Fingertips

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We all know disasters or tragedies are everywhere. Where can we find a place were we can feel safe? None. But with the help of high end technology built-in with security alarms we can feel a little safe. I dreamed that one day that the smartphone we have will be our Identity itself. It would be our ATM ( accessed to food, transportation,etc), our security (lock/unlock doors, open lights,etc), documents storage, memory storage and an alarm from an incoming disasters. If there will be a flood coming, our cellphone will beep and tell us that we need to get out to that place, we dont need to bring anything we can just bring our cellphone. Our cellphone will pay the food we eat, the transportation we rode. Our cellphone can send signal to rescuer if ever we will be trapped from our own house or in a building with fire, or we are trapped underground due to landslide, etc. I dream that one day smartphone will be our best buddy not only for communication but for security also.


christinerotsaert123 Good
yuen5133 Good
jesslim01 Good
jesslim01 Good
yuen5133 Good
bdragon955 but nice thinking . good job
bdragon955 Good idea but for me sometimes its a bit risky