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Did you have lose something recently?. People with high mobility has a more possibilities for lost something. Public transport is one of the most highest risk place to lost something, it's usually because peoples not aware to check their belongings when leaving a place. There is many anti-lost technology out there like bluetooth earphone that will warn you if your phone is away from you. But, this method un-effective because the people don't wear their earphone everytime and sometimes what is lost not your cellphone. It's really hard to track something have you lost, people usually forget the place they lost something. Using the reverse route always the method most peoples do, just like using bluetooth earphone this method has low sucessful rate. Not all of the people who found something report it to the nearest Police Station or Lost & Found Departement. So you can try it but dont hope so much. Losing the something like a key, cellphone, wallet, briefcase and other thing important is unacceptable experience, i ever experience it a few years ago. So much people out there spend their time and energy for searching their belongings. I think, a apps for reporting a lost and found things is really effective to take the things back to the owner. Person who found report the detail and the place where did he find it. The app record the data, and when the person who lost report the kind of the lost thing and possible places he lost it to the apps. Apps will determine did the thing is match to who have lost it. If it's match the app setting the appointment with both of them in the Application Head Quarter. The person who find it get rewards for their honesty and the item have back to their owner. Honesty is the the most important point we need to put in here. It will be nice if people help each other.


parastoo.khoshpasand kindness is different from doing something just because you want to be rewarded
kian_les2008 nice one!!!
winzosiarap cool
christinerotsaert123 good
yuen5133 Good
jesslim01 Good
bqasim030389 good
yuen5133 Good
bdragon955 good idea
bdragon955 This is so helpful
qayyum.azman Nice
marilesq2012 :)
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