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Wouldn't it be nice if healthcare is just within the reach of our fingertips? I can imagine that we can have our own health profile through an application under an official health database where everything is recorded (latest laboratories, imaging, current disease and health progress) and can be shared to health care providers. Through this, health improvement can be tracked, follow up check ups can be scheduled in a more organized manner and questions regarding your own health can be addressed. With this record, it will be more easy for health care providers in different places render healthcare services suited based on your personal health data wherever you are. During hospital admissions, healthcare providers can share data to each other in a digital chart for a fast overview of the ongoing health plan and management of different health teams handling the patient's case. Moreover, this app can help accurately record different diseases which are prevalent in our time to formulate realtime epidemiology and help researchers gain more information about different diseases and hopefully eradicate them. I chose this theme because being in the health profession, I have seen the importance of connection and communication between the healthcare team and I know that through technology, connection and communication can be more efficient and advanced.


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