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One thing that I really admire of Huawei is their advanced technology. Speaking of advanced technology, I want that thing to develop in the future. We all know how technology helped us through our lives. From our basic needs down to our emergencies. I want all tech manufacturers to further develop their technology as advanced technology will give us a very good impact to our lives. I want the telecommunications get developed for I believe that no matter how far the distance is we can still communicate with our loved ones and I also believe that telecommunications have made our bond (worldwide) to get stronger. Next, I want to see the transportation to be much eco-friendly. I want the car manufacturers to develop a solar energy operated cars with no toxic fumes excreted so that in the future we will have a very nice earth to live in and to minimize pollution. And lastly is the development of smartphones in the future. WE all know how much smartphones helped us with our lives it’s an all-around electronic device. Why do I want smartphones to be developed? It’s because it the only gadget that’s gonna help us in case of emergency. Speaking of emergency it’s gonna make our community a better place to live-in. I hope in the future Huawei will lead the innovations because among all the companies it’s the only one that cares for its customer and Earth. I chose the title Huawei because I wanted Huawei to please help our Earth a better place and improve the technology especially the smartphones because smartphones can be used at almost every single emergency. Because of that it’s gonna save a lot of lives. I chose the theme ‘TECHNOLOGY and COMMUNITY’ because I want technology be more eco-friendly and be a very great partner in our lives and help our COMMUNITY be a better one.


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christinerotsaert123 nice
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bdragon955 Technology for diversity and for the conservation of our home planet.
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