Safe City
Urban Savannah

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With today's access to the latest technologies and innovation, everyone can contribute to a safe and technologically advanced future. Our cities are already equipped with today's latest safety facilities in order to provide a peaceful and secure community. I envision that everyone in the coming years to have legal access to these public security facilities like Cctv monitoring to report and be on the look-out for what's happening on the dot and a high-speed internet service to provide real-time sharing and hassle-free reporting for any security breach or just a simple report on road accidents, all with the guidance of applicable and existing laws, if not, to author a new one. Safety is every person's privelege and a basic right. We oursleves can help improve not just our own safety, but for everybody too. If given the chance, I would like to win a Huawei Mate 10 pro so that I can see how can it help me in promoting public safety


marilesq2012 good,,....
kian_les2008 nice.,.:)
christinerotsaert123 nice, and you sound like a policeman to be, good luck : )
iqbal.anwar155 great
bdragon955 good luck
bdragon955 sounds good, yeah all of us wants to win .