Safe City
Smart Technology For A Better Public Security

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My ideal version of future based technology with shrewd gadgets associated to a private broadband system, officers can get a live footage of a shop burglary from CCTV. Before they even arrive at the crime scene. The criminals on the live footage from cameras can be settled to watch in auto mode or rambles in the range. This can be facilitated between the headquarters and nearby watches with the goal that crooks can be conveyed to experts all the more effortlessly. Occurrence reports can be recorded on the spot through a portable application from the same handheld gadget. By this, police can store and sort out observation information in the cloud storage,easy access, offer and inquiry it without hardly lifting a finger and exactness. Complex investigation devices enhance their capacity to recognize, group and match from the video. This is to battle against cyber crime assaults and financially savvy as far as new foundation, to taken off as a feature of more extensive to a safer city for a better connected future.


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