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User top up credit through an application, for calling purpose or NFC smartwatch payment (thumbprint needed before to do so) It allows user to attach his own phone number (SIM) on the application to link with smartwatch ID, without insert SIM onto it. So when on outside with or without a smartphone is not a problem anymore for this technology era and allow to track the smartphone where it lost. Uniqueness ID represent user’s real information (eg: name, address, etc, which real information is secured), the purpose is to allow police to track any if happened some case. With the heart rate and healthy monitoring, user able to view his daily activities log and to remind user to keep balance life to build up a healthy life. It do provide function to unlock laptop and other devices instead of forgotten the password. As an alternate key to unlock some devices, it require user’s thumbprint for security purpose. With specialty watch band, allow user to choose their respective lover color on the watch band by simply click on the UI. With this function, 1 smartwatch suit for all user flavor.


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