Healthcare is Going Mobile Thru A.I.

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The world is now going mobile. And the medical tech is slowly riding the wave of AI. With artificial intelligence at our fingertips, having a pocketable device capable of doing ultrasonography or radiography is not that farfetched. Unlocking the potential of mobile devices would surely benefit millions of people. Providing quality healthcare to farflung areas would be easy by applying telemedicine and other advancements in the medical field. With all of these tech on our hands, providing the best healthcare to our patients is indeed a possibility. Providing the best healthcare to the patients is the ultimate goal of every doctor. And I am no exception. During my training years, I have served the less fortunate, those patients who have difficulty living within their means. Those same patients who would rather suffer and neglect their illnesses just to provide food for their families. Ideally, healthcare should be universal. The treatment given to all patients, whether rich or poor, should be be equal. I am dreaming of having an all-access healthcare delivery system not only in our country but throughout the Asia-Pacific Region. Having strong linkages between well-developed countries would strengthen the healthcare system of thirdworld countries through scientific exchange of valuable medical advancements. Having an affordable and sustainable medical mobile technolology is really what we need to put equality in healthcare delivery.


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