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Hi, I am a Chinese ordinary senior communication engineering student.^.^ My understanding of wisdom education is to try to solve some sensitive problems in education through technical means. Sex education has become a black area of education, a topic that has become a slow development in children's education. Sex education is not only for educating children but also for educating parents. I understand the application of intelligent education in sexual education, put forward a model of connecting parents and children, it is not only a bridge, but also a filter. It provides a platform where parents and children in different regions are linked together by such a bridge. Everyone can discuss this sensitive topic in a sunshine and rational manner, so as to increase participation and face the problem more objectively, positively and scientifically. This model is divided into the following sections One end for parents, the following modules: (1) Parental type test classification (2) children's basic information classification (3) Develop recommendations for sexual education in line with this family atmosphere (4) problem feedback (5) professional guidance (6) Scientific lectures for parents The other end is for children: (1) Develop child-oriented games based on child sexuality education, adjust design games through artificial intelligence program learning data, handle human emotions, perceive children's emotional games, and catch boredom, fear, depression and other emotions. (2) Faced with the questions that children are unwilling to say to adults, the design of "dark pockets": speech recognition of children's problems, clustering and collation, retrieval of similar problems, gives the correct guidance. (3) Children's popular science books, animation screening and sharing. The future link that I understand should not only make our life more convenient but also focus our attention on children's education. Intelligent education not only uses advanced technologies to share educational resources, but also tackles the thorny issues with the cutting-edge technologies we have at our disposal. The above is my understanding of intelligent education, thank you for reading~^_^


kian_les2008 a change for the better!!!!!!!
parastoo.khoshpasand totally agree, our country is also needed such a education for the children, hope they save the future
marilesq2012 Good idea!!keep it up
kian_les2008 good idea!!!!
llavore955 I love this,good idea
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