Effective Treatment is Delayed

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Fainted individual, found on street breathing heavily with prominent shivering in his stiff body,but he was unconscious, No one was there to advocate him, to speak for him, to tell what was the problem with the patient found unconscious .Treatment was delayed for him Illiterate Patient enters in OPD for normal Fever & Cough, having a past history of Cardiac Problems and is on Diabetic medicines. Doctor asks him which medicines you are taking, List of the medicines he is taking is pretty long and he is illiterate and don’t know the names, But doctor needs to make sure that any new medicine He is going to prescribe must not interact with the medicines he is previously taking. Treatment is delayed. 14 years old, comes with Skin bruises, when he was 4 years he developed Allergic reaction to Sulpha Drugs, Patient and his parents cannot remember that 10 years ago he had reactions to Sulpha drug, Doctor might again Prescribe the patient with Sulpha Antibiotics to prevent from Skin Infections, and he might have life threatening Allergic Reactions. Appropriate treatment is again compromised. Unfortunately, we are living a world, where Health care department needs to have a Centralized Data base Headquarter to effectively treat the Human beings, So Doctor on Spot might identify that patient is allergic to certain drugs or not, unconscious patient’s Medical history shall appear before Doctor by only scanning his eyes or Finger Print. And yes for obvious reasons we need to store every information about his ailment and treatment we are giving, so any doctor, health care provider can easily access and know what medications were previously prescribed, and illiterate patients don’t have to read and remember what medication they are on.


kian_les2008 nice, keep it up
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shehwar4 Centralize database, nice...
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