半个医院+半个医生的检测设备【half a hospital + half a doctor】

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我一直有一个愿望,就是医疗检测手段极度简洁,高效,就像神奇宝贝一样,能在短时间内迅速而全面地掌握你的生理状况。 体温计,血压仪,心电检测,血液生化检测,尿液检测,粪便检测,血糖监测,脑脊液穿刺,X射线扫描,CT,MRI……这些最常见的检查手段我们已经习以为常,很多时候也被迫做了各种检查,烦冗,琐碎,实在是让人头疼的事情。而那些条件落后的地区,负担不起昂贵检查费的人们,常常无法享受这种当前科学技术的利益。 历史总是在不断前进的,这些方法也是一点一点出现的,随着人工智能、芯片技术、传感技术等科技的进步发展,医学诊断、治疗的手段也有希望获得重大突破。 假设所有的先进技术都凝集成了一款手环或者是一种扫描仪器,是无创的,1分钟后就可以测出你的体温,血压,血糖,血液成分,pH,流动分布情况,体重,体脂分布比例,骨骼密度……采集机体数据后,它可以通过3D重建,模拟一个真实的人体,可以通过VR看到体内更为细致的景象,比如器官,甚至是细胞以及各种蛋白等分子。这样,你的身体哪里出了问题,哪里不适,就可以看得一清二楚,再加上基于AI的辅助诊断,你就能够大概清楚自己生了什么病,需要怎样的治疗了。 这种设备应该是惠及大众的,是随时都能够接触到的,它的功能相当于半个医院+半个医生。人们可以随时随地了解自己的身体机能,不用为就医的麻烦再担忧了。 I always have a wish that the medical examination method is extremely simple and efficient. Just like Pocket Monster, it can grasp your physiological condition in a short time. Clinical thermometer, blood pressure meter, ECG detection, blood biochemical detection, urine detection, feces detection, blood glucose monitoring, cerebrospinal fluid puncture, X ray scanning, CT, MRI... We have been used to these most common inspection methods and have been forced to do various checks for many times which is a really a headache for people. What’s more, under developed area and poor people rarely have chances to the expensive inspection. So, lots of people are unable to enjoy the benefits of the current science and technology. History is always advancing. These methods also appear one by one. With the development of technology such as artificial intelligence, chip technology, sensing technology, medical diagnosis and treatment means may see its breakthrough. Assuming that all advanced technologies are integrated into a bracelet or a scanning instrument, which is noninvasive. After 1 minute, it can detect your body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood components, pH, flow distribution, body weight, body fat distribution ratio and bone density. By collecting body data, it can simulate a real human body be 3D reconstruction. We can see more detailed images in the body through VR, such as organs, even cells and proteins. In this way, you can know your body very well. With the aid of AI, you will also know what kind of illness you have and what kind of treatment you need. This kind of equipment should be beneficial to the public and can be acquired at any time, its function is equivalent to half a hospital + half a doctor. People can understand their physical function anytime and anywhere, and do not have to worry about the trouble of medical treatment.


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