Myth of Disease

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In an era of innovation it is no doubt that technological advancements are growing rapidly,making all things simplier and or faster. Communication,tools,methods and knowledge have truly evolved and the difference can be seen, from smartphones making communications easier, light bulbs replaced the ever dangerous burning light,and methods of obtaining knowledge is very different with the use of microscopes any many more. Despite this innovations there are still some things that is too hard to be innovated in a blink of an eye,and that is the medical needs of people. Death truly is inevitable,but we all dream of just dying due of old age,but that wish is being prevented because of diseases,cancers and other illnesses. My version of the future is not flying cars,building structures easily, or that holographic images replacing phones with mini holographic people. The future I envision is a city or world where illnesses or diseases are rather mere myths of the past. I know this is a radical Idea but with the idea of using technology in preventing or killing these microscopic bacteria or cells making us ill and weak just maybe be the solution in preventing these things. People not using using drugs or medicines in curing illness but rather injected by a special nano technology that helps white blood cells kick back any slipped bacterias or cancer cells. Cancer is a big thing to be discussed but with the usage of these technology not only will it prevent it but kill them,acting as mini soldiers inside the body not harming the body itslef but those ill causing bacteria or germs,but not only does it protect but also enhances our abilities such as strength and speed,what I mean is that with the prolonging of life in a specific age like 100 we are still able to lift heavy things and run very fast as if we are mere teens of the past. This technology or knowledge may still be far from reach,but this is my version of the future a world where both man and technology are one in helping cure and prevent illnesses and diseases,making diseases a myth of the past,and enjoying life they way we all deserve it. Because I believe that because we only have one life, lets make the best of it.


mugambidanko Nice idea
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