Holistic Health Care Management: to improve life's moments

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Technology has rapidly and continuously helped improve Medical Health Care Delivery and Management through the years. From immediate assessment, to rapid response, communication and transport, medical management delivery and improvement of quality of life beginning from concepcion, growth, natural death and berevement. As nurses, we are but one of the few people who are witnesses those realities. And we are the ones who mostly dwell on the sick, the critically ill and the dying round the clock. Such meticulous work requires thorough assessments to address current and foreseable problems and to ensure a proper, rapid, safe and advocative response to improve our clients quality of life. As a critical care nurse, documenting and reporting of immediate and/or life threathening symptoms (eg. Type, Character, duration of Active seizures, beginning pressure sores, abnormal heart waves etc.) are one of our valuable arsenals for health care delivery. With the age of technological advancement today, we are greatly aided in doing these things suprisingly within our reach and at the touch of our fingertips. And with that we are able to ensure good nursing care to our brothers and sisters who are in need. Also we are able to create and preserve priceless moments of happiness and love for them through such dark times. A priceless smile is but one of those small things that keeps us going throughout the toxic day. A small unnoticable grip from a commatose patient is a sign of improvement. To be able to take part in those minute moments is why my heart beats fast. A simple thanks is our brewed coffee. ;)


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