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On modern society where we live side by side with technology. I was looking forward to find were mobile devices or any portable devices can connect towards our health. Yes, we knew that we already have those health applications and programs that already exist. Wrist band for monitoring heart beat and steps. But I wasnt really aiming for those. What Im trying to explain is, if those existing doctor's record since birth is within our reach. Those time you were sick and admitted to the hospital those doctor's record, medicines or operation conducted were on your mobile devices. With the help of AI technology it could process information to predict countermeasure to prevent it from happening again. Or it can help a patient to be reminded the dos and donts to stay fit and healthy, to live longer without complications. That in the future were our mobile devices can become our personal private nurse or a doctor. In one mobile device were a physician can access all your personal records from past diagnosis. It could be an easy way to find ways or solution to your existing diseases.


mphomonyela Interesting, that way doctors wouldn't suffer to get your records and it also offers security of your records.
mugambidanko Awesome
lennyparsons Excellent.
kian_les2008 good!!!!
bilalshafique994 well thought
abdulwahabanwar044 good
kian_les2008 Good idea,:)
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