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We live in a highly innovative world now and it's very easy to connect to someone or anyone. Technology is one if the best tool in reaching the socially active and the uninformed population about the awareness of HIV infection and AIDS. This is a serious issue that needs to be address as early as possible. Our misconception about HIV/AIDS will promote more STIGMA in our community. Misinformation discourages anyone who wants to know his/her status and leads to fear of having a test though it's free. We must be educate, because nowadays we don't know who is infected for it's asymptomatic (no signs and symptoms) and only antibody testing in your nearest health centers and hospitals and accredited testing centers is the assurance of knowing your status. Being positive to infection includes sufferings but being positive in using technology as tool in spreading the advocacy includes prevention and assurance. Hiv/aids still has no cure until now. Anyone can be infected wheter you're rich or poor, male of female...i mean ALL..So get tested, it's free and confidential. Still prevention is better than cure.


shenglaw11 brilliant
shenglaw11 Billiant
alfieavenido89 There is one cures from being an hiv positive because of bone marrow transplant due to luekemia. But not all can afford the transplant and it is a very dangerous operation... For now there's treatment but no medicine to really eradicate the virus inside y
parastoo.khoshpasand your right at the first place, recently they claimed that they have find the cure for HIV and that's a wonderful new in my opinion
bilalshafique994 Great health is everything
kian_les2008 Good idea,
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