Safe City
The City belongs to the children

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I grew up playing on the streets of Manila. We'd play hide and seek, tag, and all sorts of games that would take us all day and night. The city was my playground. How I wish that technology would enable today's children to connect to their environment without fear of getting kidnapped or accidents or children getting lost. How I wish that technology would lead our children not only to safety but also to self-discovery. The heart of the city belongs to the children for they are the future. A safe city will bless our children to be a blessing in the future. I choose the Huawei Mate 10 pro as it is one of the best flagship phones today. The great camera would enable me to capture how great my city is. The AI could colaborate with new apps that could partner with GPS trackers for kids. The connectivity could work hand in hand with IP cameras that could be placed through out the city to make a viable means of security for everyone.


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