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Hey People! This is Nabeel Zia. The most used electronic devices worldwide are Smart Phones. Everyone is connected through smart phone worldwide and Huawei is giving competition to other smart phone Companies. I wonder it would be innovative idea to develop Educational (Android) apps to connect and educate people and take initiative step towards "Educational Smart App Developing". Some innovative ideas for Educational Smart App Developing.  Imagine your mouse pad on your Smart phone, you can deliver presentations using mouse pad on your smart phone.  Imagine a browsing app which can answer any question you ask, it could be related to education, innovative suggestions, business plan, investing Plans it could be anything a person can imagine. Just need to develop database and hyperlink to developed app.  Imagine a Real time Language Translator, two different people talking with each other in different languages and the app translate it to respective native language. China is penetrating worldwide in business, communication is the most important part of a good business and for domination it would be helpful to develop Free Chinese Language learning apps to cover the communication gap between people worldwide. Personally I want to learn Chinese language and I didn’t found any educational app for learning pro-Chinese language, though there are educational language learning institutes available worldwide but for a job holder it is difficult to manage time for this activity. "HUAWEI, A BETTER FUTURE"


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domingoarvil23 Hi guys, check out my entry. :) It's a Universal healthcare database, so that our health could be monitored by hospitals. :)
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shuhuan84 although smart phone user increasing, but smart phone for learning still having limitation. HMI limited. Unless more and more HMI for smart phone created for learning purpose. vote my stories as well,
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ksparacha Idea is excellent
sunnygee1992 Will meet up for u about this idea
sunnygee1992 Keep it up
sunnygee1992 Good stuff broo.
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fgxpakistan Good one dear
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hassanjabbarh401 mind bloing it should be comes in market as soon as possible
mohammadwaqar42 superb well done
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mohsin.bilal Very good
faheem.channa Good luck
nabeel.zia2 Thank you Everyone for this awesome support :)
faiza.k nice
anees.noori awesome story boy :-)
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maheenjamil248 Keep going (Y)
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alizeyhashmi Nice one, best of luck!!!
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FAISAL.KHALID excellent case
sohail.ahmedz good idea
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naveedasif7894 Good luck!
naveedasif7894 Good luck!
naveedasif7894 Good luck!
naveedasif7894 Good luck!
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bilalshafique994 You take my intention Its will be h Good and easies way
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khizranasir Best of luck
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muhammad.ammar2 great work bro carry on
Usmanahmedmazhar Great idea!!!
Usmanahmedmazhar Great idea!!!
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saeed.anwar2 shabaaaashhhh
saeed.anwar2 good luck!
waqasawan183 well done dear
waqasawan183 nice story
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humaasghar16 Good keep it up
humaasghar16 Good keep it up
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fati.barbie03 nyc
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