Bridging the cultural gap between east and west

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Here is my story on journey bridging the cultural gap between east and west, the passion that passed on from my father's generation to my generation. My name is Christine, I grew up in China. You can call me Ting Ting, that is my childhood nick name from my family. My parents are traditional Chinese. During the Cultural Revolution in China from 1960s to 1970s, many students were transferred from cities to small towns to receive education in agriculture. There, my parents met. The teenage dream of my father was to become a doctor with pride who works for the farmers. However, he had an opportunity to go to a normal school to become a teacher. When the Cultural Revolution came to an end, my parents had become teachers in English. In the further university education, my father became a vice professor in English while he translated a few English and American books and introduced the western cultures to the Chinese audience. After grew up and completed education in America, I got married with my husband who is a Belgian citizen. By understanding the western cultures and following my father's road, I started writing and translating in English and Chinese. I hope that I can be a bridge to the east and the west, from doing a good job in translation between Chinese literature and English literature. Introducing the audience to cultures of the east and west, I would love to bring the audience to a world of healing and restoration.


marilesq2012 nice!!!!!
christinerotsaert123 thank you for all the comments :D
christinerotsaert123 thank you for all the comments :D
bdragon955 let's all be an educational revolution ourselves.
bdragon955 Love and peace, that's surely what all we want
christinerotsaert123 It is a story about an ordinary life. And yes, my father encourages me a lot with his actions, thank you vankasteel.
vankasteel Great Father-Daughter story, I bet he is really proud!
christinerotsaert123 Thank you for your encouragement. Thanks to Huawei that connects us together and share some good thoughts here.
nabeel.zia2 Your idea is astonishing, Grate work :like:
christinerotsaert123 Thank you, thank you for your good impressions with this article. It is a true story that connects to your heart. Thanks to Huawei that brings up this topic about education that connects us together.
iqbal.anwar155 thumbs up
iqbal.anwar155 your story is really impressive ting ting
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