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Making Cities Safer with IVS-Facial recognition

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In Pakistan considering the security situation it is need of time to do mass surveillance equipped with Facial Recognition,the video feed can be generated from the quad copter,smart vehicle or the street cameras. Currently Intelligent video surveillance system don't have its own Facial recognition algorithm.IVS client should include the Facial recognition option in its GUI with a integration portal in the OMU for linking to the customer database. We are living in the era where Facial recognition is the part of Cell Phone know.Developing this feature for the IVS system will make our Cities more Safer.


marilesq2012 Great!!
shuhuan84 image processing system for security need powerful system recording and analysis image receive. Some metro city having powerful surveillance system to track crime.
nabeeluos Awesome !!
christinerotsaert123 Fantastic
affan.abbasi V Good
ammarjadoon197 Good
mughalarts70 Wow
apeironatd System should be updated as per security requirements, it ll help in many ways. Cool idea
sajid.orakzai92 Waiting for govt to take step in implementing
shahjamallaghari creative one
nazeer.nazir We need it in Quetta, It should be implemented
shabihassanqureshi It should be implemented and as soon as possible. It will help govt n security agencies.
humasaeed86 Great initiative for future
travelbeautifulpakistan Good idea to be implemented
theateeq Good for pakistan
qammerwazir It should be implemented
sohailafzal128 keep it up
ahsan666663 creative idea
drali wow
rajpoot9 a must need
afaqbakoo awesome idea
junnkhalid Great idea
junnkhalid Great idea
zohaib.qamar nice idea
muhammad.usman.waheed very well written and interesting!
fatimasamee great idea
ali.ashraf Really Good Effort
sheeran.yaqoob.khan VERY NICE
sheeran.yaqoob.khan VERY NICE
sheeran.yaqoob.khan VERY NICE
UmerKhawaja Would enhance the product's worth in the market.Would be nice to have E2E in-house solution. which would help in delivery aspect as there wont be any third party dependencies,
hasan.salman nice story
hasan.salman nice story
ansab.ali1 Great!
muhammad.ali.malik Facial recognition is must for the IVS solution
wajid.ali Amazing stuff
faizaniiqbal Innovation In Technology!Great Story, Sarmad!
zakirhalian Good
muhammad.ali.bhatti Good
zhangwenwu3 Good
abdul.karim excellent thinking!
abeeriqbal01 Very good Idea
arehman Great ..
forest.wufan facial recognize is most important way to manage people ,\
zaid.ali.basharat Nice tool to be added in IVS!
absar_hussain2008 Great Idea
zahid.riaz Very nice Idea! We need FR in IVS
haris.shamim1 Good one !
azhar.iqbal.cheema excellent
arslan.ahmed.malik1 Great Story Sarmad!
asmarhussain Good idea, and yeah its the need of modern era..