Safe City
A better connected safe city

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My Name is Haris Waleed, I am an Electrical Engineer and I have been working in Telecom field My Story is Related to Safe city Project, I have a great contribution to launching this project because I was a part of safe city Project to installing Camera Sites and OSP work. Once we were driving car in middle of night for testing our Project Progress and we broke red signal after a while the police came and caught us and put fine on us, I was very happy for the security of our City, before this Project it never happened because mostly People don’t abide by the traffic law but after safe city every one abide by the traffic laws. Below is our main data center and I know how fast it is ,there is continuous monitoring. I am Glad Huawei Improved our Police Culture even nobody can escape from Police laws. How Safe city Can Improve : Safe city can further improve by placing some Camouflage cameras in city, like some terrorists activities happened they may look camera and make plan accordingly, we need to deploy some camouflage camera around road and streets like NEST Cameras, this thing can improve security similarly Drop Cam Outdoor mount idea is good, especially we can Deploy floodlight with hidden cameras near school colleges and busy traffic road. For Every Street we can make a small Hub where a dedicated guard can monitor all activities through LCD.


bdragon955 safe city means a happy community
bdragon955 safe city means a happy community
bdragon955 Better connected community means a safe city
bdragon955 This is a good idea that is so beneficial if implemented
bdragon955 Very futuristic and promising
christinerotsaert123 Fantastic
nabeel.zia2 Excellent ideas
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