The Vision
Imagine a smarter world that makes our lives safer and easier. Imagine how we can do more, and get on better together, because of information and communication technology (ICT).
We believe that in the future, high-speed network connections will be as universal as the air we breathe and the water we drink. All people and all things will be constantly online, communicating, and analyzing – and that will enable us to meet each others' needs. New ICT technologies are delivering the "digital transformation" in all walks of life, changing the way people live and work forever. We want to build a more intelligent, dynamic future that brings digital to every person, every home, and every organization in the world.
The future is yours to imagine. Welcome to a Better Connected World.
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Huawei Mate 10
Imagine we have developed such a system in which there is data of each person and every person, every Bio-info either it be smallest biometrics ie fingerprint and every character ie his height/weight etc and social as well as background history, it would be lot more easier to trace a person. How it can improve transportation? Imagine we have central AI for every small district that can communicate with each other and share information about every activity that is taking place in the district through smart cameras and various other detection devices. Idea: We can have a system where Smart phone or any personal AI based device (not too advanced, just basic) can interact for you to the Central AI of the district. Suppose we book a ticket(ask our AI to do it).A unique code can be generated that may be shared with central AI, so when a person tries to reach somewhere AI has complete info about him. He books ticket for taxi ride to reach metro station and then catch airplane.Assume this is his schedule what he programmed.What if the schedule breaks,he will miss the train on time.He will miss his flight on time and could not reach his destination on time. If he/she wishes to catch an Airplane for a destination but couldn't reach because of some reason,the consecutive transportation ie Taxi-Metro-Airplane if can be altered easily it would be very easy to make on time. How it will work? First, he books ticket for taxi, seeing the availability he (HIS PERSONAL AI) books ticket for metro and simultaneously for his flight. He catches Taxi on time but due to some issue taxi can't broke down in between making it impossible to reach on time but with this new idea, the central AI of that districts tries to make sure passenger reaches on time, so it shares data with coming or nearby cab and transfers requisite partition of fund as per the fare, letting the Passenger to maintain his ride to catch his flight. Meanwhile, if it indispensably become impossible to reach destination ie catch his flight or somewhere, the data of user who has booked his flight is already stored in the data book/base of flight control office/AI so as per convenience it automatically books or shifts ticket according to passengers current position and on basis on basis of time required to reach the destination ie airport. The passenger is asked whether to delay his route or not,if not than for certain period of time, tickets booked are continuously shifted to next schedule of same transportation. In this way, minimization of vacant seats in public transport can be done, additionally it can make roads better ie safe road,safe society by making it easier to trace the passenger. The identification of the passenger is done by showing/scanning digital code /voice recognition when passenger accents to access the transport facility. The gist whole system described above is that data of booking ticket, preprogrammed schedule and biometrics of person can be accessed by central AI of district and be cross-pollinated across other AI.
Better connected transportation with better connectivity ...
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